WTT AR-15 for M1 Carbine Mass Only GONE Please Remove

sheriff dudley

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Jan 14, 2006
Bradford Mass
I wish to trade a AR-15 for a US Military M1 Carbine a CMP Gun No imports This AR is a Competition Grade
Heavy Barrel Made by Bushmaster and has full Weights in the fore stock and Butt Stock it was a special run
and has the CMP Logo on the Mag Well I no longer shoot this gun cause i had Mini stroke that took the
Sight in my right eye this is a pre Healy so i want to have it stay in Mass i don't know how to do photo's
on this but if you IM me i can send you a pic in a text, only about 60-70 rnd's have been through it
it's heavy and i am Old The prices on these AR's is getting nuts so if you have a nice Military M1 Carbine
and wish to trade give me a shout, Thanks for Looking Sheriff Dudley
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