Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)


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Jan 5, 2013
I included numbers that work out, and stated that it what you may get if you did nothing. What part about that do you disagree with, other than you find 2 million's shock value outside of your comfort zone?
You're incorrect

Fauci's prediction of 1.7 million fatalities was predicated on actions already taken with the shut down of economy..........he stated it was "unlikely" but possible.....that was on 3/15 Sunday.......

1.7 million is an absurd number......meant for one thing and one thing invoke terror in try to get people to do what they were TELLING them to do

Look at the Diamond Princess cruise liner.....712 infected out of 400 passengers and crew........thats ~20% of the population infected in a closed system/population

11 deaths out of 712 confirmed cases......and that population was disproportionately elderly......thats a fatality rate of ~1.55%....adjusted down for age it was around .5%.....but lets use 1% for giggles

We have a population of 330 million.....20% of population infected = 66 million people.......even if we follow that we only get 660k

So no......1.7 million was NEVER a real was meant to do one thing and one thing only.....terrorize the population and bully politicians to do what the obamacare experts told them to do

This whole charade has been about 1 thing....trying to regain their respect after being humiliated with Obamacare and past failed responses to H1N1 and others.,......well guess what.....they really cemented it in that they cannot be trusted because they're full of shit

There's one thing and one thing only that they could have done to cut infection.....and that was to advocate mask use.......they lied and people have unnecessarily died

There needs to be an accounting and hearings
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