another one that gives us a black eye

Authorities announced Tuesday that they discovered nearly 900 firearms hidden in secret panels, under floors and behind walls in an upscale home in the foothills of Upland.

900 firearms?

Okay. I am officially envious.
OK, I think that that counts as an arsenal! [smile] And I'm envious, too.

and wondering why the cops think that an Uzi is one of the "more powerful" weapons... doesn't an Uzi fire a 9mm round?
Black eye?

This man if I've read it correctly was a felon and yet he had 900 guns in his posession. I wonder how the anti's will interperate this message?
Regardless how they interpret it, I'll tell you exactly what it says.

Gun control doesn't stop criminals from getting weapons.

(It was never intended to, either. The Elitest bastards want us disarmed, since we're a threat to their agenda.)

You could call me paranoid, but you'll be wrong. I've seen enough proof to make me believe it's true. And I'm hard to convince.
"They said they found some of the most powerful firearms — Uzis and AK-47s — in the master bathroom and bedroom, behind clothing and plywood."

Uzis...most powerful?

What? You mean, it's only a 9mm? But, Sarah Brady tells me they shoot 30mm depleted uranium shells and can knock telecommunications satellites out of orbit!
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