Announcement - 2006 Training Schedule


Mar 3, 2005
Pepperell, MA
Feedback: 2 / 0 / 0 is pleased to announce our final 2006 schedule, which is as follows: All courses will be held at the Pelham Fish & Game Club, in Pelham, NH except for the Gabe Suarez course which will be held at the Littleton Sportsmens Club, in Littleton, MA.

June 23 - 25 Tom Givens (Rangemaster)
Dynamic Marksmanship Course To be held at the Pelham Fish and game Club, in Pelham, NH

This is an intensive three-day course that covers all of the essential skills involved in fighting with a handgun. There is an all day session Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, plus an evening session on Saturday for low light skills.

Topics covered in this course will include:

Rapid presentation from concealed carry

Effective gunhandling techniques, designed to work under stress

Rapid reloading techniques

Movement skills, including effectively engaging targets on the move

Disability drills, including drawing and reloading with one hand

Precision shooting at mid-ranges

Weapon retention/disarming techniques

Effective scanning techniques for locating additional threats

Low light firing techniques, both with and without a flashlight

Deployment from inside a vehicle

Proper defensive mindset and more

July 21 - 24, 2006 Gabe Suarez

July 21-22
Extreme Close Range Gunfighting
July 23-24
Interactive Gunfigting (Force on Force)

September 8 to 10, 2006
Louis Awerbuck

Tactical Handgun - Stage I

Designed to create reflexive gunhandling, good marksmanship and tactical thinking, this course encompasses shooting from a ready position, the drawstroke and shooting from the holster, shooting from various tactical body positions, loading, unloading and reloading, malfunction clearances, shooting on the move, moving targets, dim light and flashlight shooting and weapon retention.

October 27, 28, and 29, 2006
Course: Combative Pistol 1
Instructor: Jeff Gonzales
Duration: 2 days (20+ Hours)

Location: Pelham Fish and Game Club
Simpson Mill Road, PO Box 917
Pelham, New Hampshire 03076

Additional: At the end of the main course, Jeff will offer a one day module from the following.

Additional One day Modules to be held at the end of the 2 day course:

Strong Hand Only - One day (10 hours)
Concealed Carry Practises - One day (10 hours)
Only one of these two modules will be offered, depending upon the desires of the class.
NEshooters schedule

I noticed that I did not include the dates for the Louis Awerbuck class.

The dates for this class are September 8 to 10, 2006
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