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May 14, 2008
Living Free In The 603
Already on it. Guy goes by June Bug.
The drunk driver pulled out right in front of him, and he had nowhere to go. It WASN'T his fault.
The car is already torn down and IS going to be repaired.
And his insurance company is going after the drunk.
I'll get you a link to Facebook
That's OK, I don't need the link, I'm not on farcebook anyway, want nothing to do with it.
I've been hit by drunks myself, four times in 40 years.
I posted that for the C8 fanboys here, and since I'm a tow operator, I find it amusing to see very low mileage cars get wrecked.
Last Fall I towed a 2020 Ford Ranger that got T-Boned by a Subaru, it had 42 miles on it, the guy just took delivery the day before.

Here another good one:

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