Al Capone's favorite gun up for auction Colt 1911

Dressed to Kill

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May 31, 2008
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Pretty cool, actually.

Wonder if Geraldo will buy it. He's been looking for Al Capone's shit for decades.

This was my first thought. Will Geraldo buy it? LOL

I still laugh at his spat with Kittansett in Marion. He lives(d?) on the back side of the course on the water. They wouldn't let him join. So he'd land his helliyo-chopper on the fairway. They got pissed. He got pissed. I believe after a while they let him in and now he's "the man" over there or something. Please. I enjoyed the pissing match more. I knew the groundskeeper back then. We're talking 25 or so years ago. (Gosh - that guy's gotta be dead!) He was PIII-IIII-IIIISSSED! Both sides just wouldn't back down. Great stuff.
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