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AK47 mags (Grade A's, B's, C's) and drums


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Oct 6, 2009
near Worcester, MA
AK-47 Mags. For your AK-47, Saiga, WASR, ROMAK, MAK-90, SA-85M, and so on. 30-round steel Warsaw Pact mags. May have proof markings and or serial #'s stamped on the spine. Some have electropenciled serial numbers on them from original issue.

Romanian trainer AK47 mags with laynard loop. Grade B as above, but with a welded tab so noobs don't loose their mag in the field. $25. Only 1

Egyptian AK47 mag stamped "Made in Egypt" at the top. Only one I've ever seen, $35 - SOLD

SKS 30-round steel mag. Metal follower is ugly, does not impact function. Baseplate stamped "China". $35

AK47 Grade A. Very Good-to-surplus-new condition $25/each.
By request: some available with thick cosmoline on them if you're going to store them away or bury them in the backyard. [smile]

Yugo AK-47 Mags with bolt-hold-open-when-empty followers. Excellent+ condition. For your AK-47, Saiga, WASR, ROMAK, MAC-90 and so on. Locks back the bolt on an empty mag. Lightly cosmo'd/thick oil on these. $25. 0 left.

Grade B AK-47 mags: Romanian, worn finish, minor dings. Follower moves freely all the way to the bottom, these will work with zero issues but would look nicer with a little spraypaint. $22. only 5 left

Grade C AK-47 mags: Mixed, mostly Romanian. These need some TLC before they're usable. They may have rust and/or stuck followers or dents that prevent loading all 30 rounds - usually fixable by driving a socket wrench socket thru them to undent. They could use a paint job while you're at it. But only $15! Have 20+

Chinese 75-round drum. Preban new-old-stock in well-oiled bag. Factory /36\ with vintage made-in-China sticker. $250. Just one left SOLD

Chinese 100-round drum. Preban Because more rounds is more better! Unused, or nearly so. I've only had two of these, they're hard to find. Factory /36\ $350. SOLD

Warsaw Pact 75-round drums. Romanian. Preban, old style top-loading with the thumb-assist de-tensioner. $225, only one left. Not the "maybe preban" open-back Romanian ones!

$10 shipping for up to 4 mags
$15 shipping for up to 10 mags or a drum.
$20 shipping for up to 25 mags
or FTF in Auburn, MA
Cash, check, USPS MO, 90% US or .999 silver. Venmo. Google Pay. Zelle. Paypal (FF only!)

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