Ak vs Ar Vs Mosin

I happen to like Mosin Nagants, as well as AK's and AR's. The Ultimate AK? RomAK 3. All the benefits of an AK with the range and power of 7.62x54R.

This pic is what an AR Weenie would do to a Mosin Nagant.

And another Mosin lover that doesn't know about the safty on it!

They DO have a safty....but I don't use it!

Pull the striker back and rotate about 20 degrees to the left. Now the striker is clipped over the frame...also the trigger is disengaged.

It's a bitch to do, and a bitch to bring the weapon back to hot (I had my bolt come apart once while doing this.

Frankly if I want the gun to be "safe" I pull the bolt handle halfway between locked and open, and pull the trigger, while holding the handle, and decock the weapon onto the loaded chamber. of course the gun MAY discharge if you drop it....so don't do that!


-Weer'd Beard
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