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Dec 26, 2011
Medford, MA
More information to follow, but wanted to get a quick post up to get some basic information out there now that I got my Dealer Membership.

I'm local to the Boston, MA area and will be offering some brass preparation services: Stainless Wet Tumbling, Induction Annealing, and Trimming. My trimmer is currently down and getting replaced within the next week or so, so for the time being it's Annealing and Tumbling if you need it. I'll get more information up as I have time, but if you have questions on calibers I have ready to go (most common ones, others I should be able to do within a week), pricing, anything - just let me know

Regarding pricing, general info on the website, but best to contact me for a quote. I'll be able to discount for larger volumes, and for people local you could always swing by in person and wait / pay cash if it's something I can handle quickly (A smaller volume of anneal-only, for example.)

Here's a link to the in-process Website: Home - BrassPrep.com

If you prefer Facebook: BrassPrep.com on Facebook

Thanks for looking!
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