AAR The Realities of Concealed Carry from Sean D


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
From one of our students...

The Realities of Concealed Carry
Bradford Sportsmen’s Club, Bradford RI
May 7, 2017
This class is a must-have for any individual possessing a concealed weapons permit. The information provided regarding the legalities of carrying a pistol and the ramifications of a self-defense incident are worth upwards of $100K, literally. This is not just a shoot/no-shoot/tactics course. It is a course defining the legal responsibilities of the carrier, one’s self defense strategy and where/when the firearm fits into that strategy, definitions and interpretations of the law and its many ambiguities, how the legal system may rule in various scenarios, and the legal and financial consequences in both good and bad self-defense incidents. The course segues nicely into live fire drills and skill-building exercises that emphasize properly drawing from concealment and improving muscle memory in worst case scenarios. Seth Wish and Wyatt Brochu assembled a very interesting, comprehensive and worthwhile concealed carry course that spoke to the many aspects of carrying a pistol for self-defense. I’d recommend this for everyone who carries as a necessary primer of the legal and practical aspects of carrying a pistol.”


Sean D
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