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AAR Defensive Pistol III AAR: 09AUG15 - From one of our students.


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
Defensive Pistol III AAR: 09AUG15 700+ rounds Instructor: Seth Wish

Defensive Pistol III is the most advanced handgun course that On Target Training, LLC offers. This course is eight hours of advanced modern combat pistol drills and techniques. Most of the drills are done with strict master level time standards and items such as shot timers and whistles are used to induce stress. The focus of this course is on balancing speed and accuracy. Shooters start firing at close range under minimal time intervals and must make combat effective hits. The drills become harder as distance increases and time standards remain the same or increase only slightly. Common drills include the Dot Torture Test, 1-5 drill, shot for shot drills, compressed shooting positions, and timed drills on paper or steel, stationary and moving. The pace of this course is very fast and very little time is spent on remediating beginning shooters since these items would have been covered in Defensive Pistol I and II. Seth runs this course with a constant sense of urgency in order to cultivate a fighting mindset in his students. Anyone who feels that they are meeting the standards that they are being held to should feel very confident in their pistol craft and is on the cutting edge of combat pistol marksmanship.

Martin Kwong
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