A Sheriff and an Indian out on the range

Jan 14, 2006
Bradford Mass
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The Sheriff and his latest toy made it to the range today, in fact i also got
to shoot another toy that i had not shot before, my 24/47 8mm that has
ben sitting in the rack along with a M/N 91/30 that is still waiting to be
shot and the beat go,s on! anyway i took out the Made in INDIA, Ishapore
S.M.L.E. .762mm 2A1. i used portagee surp-ammo and all i can say about
that little smelly injun is, as my friend (who is not from these parts) Says
"its a Yankee gun" " She,s a Keepa" You Becha!!! and likewise is the 24/47.
i cant wait to get M/N 91/30 out to play! i knew Retirement was going to
be this good i just knew it!!! open up the toy box and go out and PLAY!!!
and PLAY and PLAY, like the lady says on the comercial for honey bunches of oat,s
"Its like a mouthfull of JOY"

YUP the Sheriff said that, adios.
Congrats on the retirement.

There is life after working and its too bad some never figure it out and they stay working because they think its over if they do retire. Retiring is a new chapter in our lives just waiting to begin. All you have to add is a few good hobbies.
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