A Rant, if I may....

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Apr 25, 2013
I'm not taking pizza advice from Missouri or SW Virginia [smile] [wink]
I lived up there for about 7 years. Best pizza I had up there was Family Pizza, or was it called Pizza Today? Dunno. Either way, it was the shiz. It was downtown by the waterfront/across from Electric Boat a bit. Amazing. My fav was the "Mona Lisa" or the "New Yorker"

Roland Deschain

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Feb 22, 2009
Having a good amount of first hand experience dealing with autism, what he proposed is actually pretty great.

Call and get a time when the shop will be quiet to teach an autistic child how to order is actually a damn good thing - think about the reduction of over stimulation and stress that a quiet shop would bring to everyone.

But it's easier to just get angry that his first priority is actually running a profitable restaurant instead of accommodating an unreasonable parent - asking an autistic child to handle the stress of learning to order food in a loud busy environment is torture.
My guess is that what happened was what I see VERY often in my city, and I think he has a right to be upset. I've seen so many times when social service programs take their clients out into the world to socialize them. Whether its autism or anything else, I've seen a very hands off approach to this by people that are likely minimum wage workers. They do absolutely nothing to support the person, and generally stand there on their cellphone while the client can't function.... and then they pack them back up in a van and off to the next 'activity'. Its bullshit. OP isn't wrong.... his business isn't a training ground... and his solution is more than what you'll likely get from the average business owner.

My gut feeling is that it's very unlikely that a parent would subject themselves or their child to that much stress. I'm betting its program workers. No parent wants to set up their kid to fail.
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