A new Contact for EVERYONE for the Handgun bill..

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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I have been in contact with my Senator, Scott Brown. While asking him if there's anyway to get this bill moving, he said that we should contact Robert.Travaglini, the State Senate President, at this address.

If you so choose to e-mail him, here's that address.

[email protected]

If you would like to write him, his address is in the message that I sent, and his phone number is (617) 722-1500 if you would rather call.

Here's the letter that I wrote to him to help move this along.

The Honorable Robert E. Travaglini
Senate President
State House
Room 330
Boston, MA 02133

Dear President Travaglini:

I'm writing you to request your support for the Target Exemption Bill number H4552.

The Act Protecting the Rights of Target Shooters is important because I travel around in different SASS (Cowboy Action Shooting) competitions throughout New England. When we're in other states, we don't have the option to compete at the level of others as we don't have the equipment available that others might have.

I do understand that this bill is currently waiting for a vote in the Senate. I'm writing you to find out how we, as Massachusetts residents, can urge this bill to vote. If there is a plan to bring this up to vote in the near future, would you be kind enough to let me know a date? I've been in contact with my senator, Scott Brown, and would like to keep conversant to the movement of this bill.

Thank you in advance for your time,

Christopher Mantia
<address removed>
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