A Jap came home with me from the Shriners

Jan 14, 2006
Bradford Mass
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I Happend to mention this on the New England gun show page last saterday and low and behold i realized that i didn,t know didily about
what i had bought untill JonJ started telling me certain things to look for.
i have had a few Jap 99s before and grabed this one because thay are
riseing in price and are getting a little harder to find, so i thought that
if the guy would talk on the price i would grab it, the Tag was $170.
i asked whats the bottom line? he say,s $150. How-bout $125.?he says
ill take $135. --OK-SOLD!! the tag says( type 99 short rifle,7th series
Nagoya Arsenal i put this info on the gun show page and JonJ starts asking ?does it have this round button here? the numbers there??
Holly Crap! he is right on! then he asked if the screws on the under side
of the stock that hold the Magazine/trigger guard assy:are staked???
(i dont know!!) i think he was in my basement looking at my new prize!
he knew more about what i bought than i did!! he said i should put this on the milsurp page so here i am, by the way he said (if thay are staked,
dont take out the screws! ) well ok there staked! now what do i do??
JohnJ where are you????? Sheriff Dudley [oops]
If it is staked that means it has NEVER been taken apart. It's more valuable in the factory staked condition. It's possible it was never issued or used very briefly. The only reason you should take it apart at this point would be if there wad rust under the wood and you needed to get in there to treat it.

I have one Arisaka that is still staked.

I forgot if you mentioned but is the Mum intact?
BTW: Just because it's staked doesn't mean you can remove the bolt and strip that down and oil/clean it. Bolt and all bolt parts match too?
A jap came home W/Me

Hi Jon, the mum has been de-faced and it does,nt look like there is any rust under the Trigger guard/Magazine assy! or anywhere else on the rifle!
i was thinking about refinishing the stock, but its not realy needed!
i think i mentioned on the other page that i do have a Jap type38-6.5 that
came back with my dad it has the MuM and the Dust Cover, bayonet,
Helmet,canteen,ammo pouch, the guys wallet-money,picture,(personal
flag that my brother kept or lost??) shoulder ribbon, and sling! there is a
story that go,s along with the rifle to. but to long for the forum!! i am
about to order Die,s and a mold from midway in 7.7( cast are a blast)
and cheap to shoot and accurate!! oh by the way,have you seen the
paratrooper,takedown Jap that Terry Good had at the show???
anyway thanks for all the good info that you gave me so far and i still
have to get a copy of the book you told me about(Mil/Rfl/of Japan 5th Edn,
thanks Again! Sheriff dudley. :D
No prob SD.
DON'T you dare think of re-finishing that stock! You'll ruin it and the rifle will be worth it's value in parts (although that could be quite a bit). You will never be able to get that original finish back. The finish is made from a material called Urushi, a sumac type plant. It's very hard to get it in the states and you'll never replicate the original.
I've refused to buy several because the stocks were refinished. Every dent and ding happened for some reason and it's part of the rifle's history.
If you look on the bottom side of the buttstock, you should see some arsenal marks stamped in the wood.

I didn't get to the show so no, I didn't see the Type 2. Wouldn't mind having one of them!

Glad to hear you have all of your Dad's stuff. Great history there and you get to pass it down too.
A Jap came home W/Me

i think you are right i am going to leave the history ( in tact) leave the
rifle as is!! i dont want it to look refinished! very good idea i wish i thought of that myself, no work! just enjoy, and its not like i dont have guns to clean-up i started to take a 1903 sprgfd apart last night i have been looking at it for about ayear and a half it is chukka-block full of cosmoline
from the CMP O,M,God thay must have dunked it in hot-cos!

got plenty to do and look at my new post im going to write it now
i got another milsurp tonight a lithgow i think thats how you spell it??

thanks again Jon super-great Help!!!

Take Care Sheriff Dudley
I have an 03A3 from CMP and you're right... thick gobs of cosmolene everywhere! This was the first rifle I ever used a hand held steamer on and had great results. The hot steam melted the cosmolene and made wiping it off a breeze. Best part is the metal gets so hot from the steamer that after a quick wiping it dries with no moisture left. You can even use it on the stocks with no damage to the finish. Cost for it was around $30 at Wal Mart, its the GE model.
Just remember to give all metal parts a good rub with oil before and after assembly.
Hey Al - if you don't have a digital camera - bring the rifle to the BOD meeting Monday night and I'll bring my camera. Maybe we can get Typeo to host the pics to post them here for you. :D
a jap came home W/Me

that sound like a plan Lynne! how-bout the aussi-Lithgow too
it was a two-in- one week for me, if you read my other post?
"two millies in one week"??

Take Care Sweetie TTYL AL aka Sheriff Dudley [lol]
Re: a jap came home W/Me

sheriff dudley said:
that sound like a plan Lynne! how-bout the aussi-Lithgow too
it was a two-in- one week for me, if you read my other post?
"two millies in one week"??

Take Care Sweetie TTYL AL aka Sheriff Dudley [lol]

Bring whatever you want pics taken of darlin. I'll bring the camera.
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