A Bit of Sanity in San Fran

"Let's say someone breaks into this woman's house and steals her gun and gets in a gunfight. The proliferation of handguns has made the city less safe."

Great idea ! Let's ban anything that might get stolen.....cars, jewelry, money, antiques, TV's, radios, dogs, stamp/coin collections, paintings, bricabrac, etc.

These libs are insane.
Yes, it is. Everyone knows that the news isn't allowed to report any isolated outbreak of sanity without the obligatory counterpoint from the certified lunatic faction.

C-pher said:
[?] [?] [?]

Is this the same article as above?

Just wondering.

Yes, I think so. We posted within a minutes of one another, so I didn't see it first. Mine is the double post.
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