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Jan 24, 2006
Eastern Mass
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Anyone ever build a working (safe maybe) firearm from an 80% receiver?

I kept meaning to go to NH when KT had their little BBQs to build your own.

I'm still considering buying a receiver. Anyone know of anyone who does this? (Sale/Build/BBQ)

Anyone have any thoughts?

(I know several Title II dealers who've built lots of post samples, but I don't know anyone around here who's done it)
i have built 2 80% 1911s,have a k.t. frame i am going to do next, i am trying to get my shop inorder,we just moved to standish after several setbacks.the 80% frames turned out just fine,if you are going to build a 1911, there are other places you can get a frame,k.t.s frames cost too much for my taste,you can get other frames for around $200 i got my k.t frame before he raised prices. k.t still has bbqs but you have to go to montana to go to them :D
I was considering a 1911. (Althought a AR would be cool)
Can you tell me who else sells them for cheaper? I'm not looking to make a space gun, just a shooter.

Was it hard to do the rails?

Looking at KT's prices ($300), I can buy a Brand C or 2 brand E's for less than that. And Brand C or E are local brands. Of course, they're not 80% frames, either.

For an AR, lower receivers are cheap enough that it is also not cost effective to get an 80% receiver and finish it.

Now, an AK isn't so bad. Receiver flats have been $25 each (or less) and parts kits and compliance parts aren't too bad. Bend, heat-treat and rivet together, then finish.
The reason to buy an 80% and build it isn't to save money. If that was my only concern I'd pick up a Norinco 1911. Those can still be found, with some good looking for about the price of the KT Frame.

Putting something together gives you a knowledge and understanding you can't get from buying it already assembled. Please don't misunderstand me, I have no interest in building a car or refridgerator from scrach.
However, I've made cartriges (reloaded) and beer. Both of them made me appreciate factory made so much more.

Plus, I like the idea of LEGALLY having a modern firearm without a serial #.
(or a serial # I make up)

I built a 1919A4 from a parts kit and 80% receiver and it worked. This was the first time I ever built a gun. It's nice when people come over and look at it and you can say "yea I builted it...and look it hasn't blown up yet" There is a satisfaction knowing that you put it togeather and it worked.
for my self,i don't build 80% to save money,i build so i have a better gun,tighter,more accurate,and i did it my self, a 80% ar will run about $80 for #1 grade, $66 for #2 grade-blemished- i cut the rails for a 1911 on a mini-mill,i used a small angle plate and a .118 keyway cutter,the hardest part is getting every thing square.the rails can be cut on a dremel router table with cutoff disks. www.gunco.net has a lot of info on it. i got 2 of my 80% 1911 frames from www.arsenalline.homestead.com they have them for $192 that includes shipping,they are very good frames. as soon as i can get my shop finished anybody will welcome to use it,i also see a build party in the near future.i have 2 ak kits i want to build,i have every thing to make all the jigs with,i just need to get the new home inorder,and stuff the wife wants done.
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