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7 Hang On Treestands and 1 Ground Blind

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Mar 18, 2012
A Fair Haven in an unfair state.
Up for sale, I have 7 hang on treestands and 1 ground blind.

4 of the stands are newly assembled and never used Field and Stream Timberline Treestands.
Field & Stream Timberline Hang-On Treestand

3 Are Millennium M50. These were used for 1 season.

The ground blind is a pop up blind. (model below). It's also unused.

Also, the straps that come with the stands suck all around. Since I like being alive I tossed them in the garbage. I have brand new heavy duty 1" nylon ratchet straps with stainless hardware that are also going with the equipment. A couple of cable locks as well. The complete strap/assembly has a working load limit of 1100 pounds. Yea - they're duty rated.

This equipment doesn't lend itself to my style of whitetail hunting. I'm 100% ultralight and mobile with a hang on and sticks, a climber, or sometimes I use a saddle.. Just depends on where I'm going.

Package deal... 400.00. Located in Fairhaven, MA. buyer has to come and get them.


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