5th Day in a Row at the Range! Whoo Hoo!


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Nov 11, 2005
Northern, MA
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I've been to the range 5 days in a row:

Wed. 11/22 - Went at lunch and took two first time handgun shooters from work. Both are engineers. One was disturbed by the recoil from a .38 Special Model 10, the other is a convert. He liked the way guns worked, wanted to know all I knew about reloading, and laughed his head off when he shot my S&W .500. All three of us shot my 6.5 Carcano for obvious reasons.

Thur. 11/23 - I went by myself in the morning and put 100 rounds through my S&W Model 17 in the process of re-sighting it in. It didn't take 100 rounds to do this, but I like to shoot it. We used it at my club's turkey shoot on the 19th and someone messed with the sights. I had to fix it so I did on the way to eat turkey.

Fri. 11/24 - Good day at the range with MrTwigg, Tele_mark, and Adweisbe

Sat. 11/25 - This barely qualifies, but I met Drgrant for a flawless transaction, whereby I put two magazines full of 10mm though his (now my) Delta Elite (thanks Mike).

Sun. 11/26 - Best day ever. My 13 year old son and I got to the range at 1:30. Here's what we brought:
S&W 500 (4")
S&W Model 10
Colt Delta Elite
Glock 29
S&W 4506
Mauser C96 "Broomhandle"
H&R Handi-Rifle in S&W 500
Rossi Puma lever gun in .38/.357
Walther G-22 (bullpup .22LR rifle)
M1 Carbine
M1 Garand

We had a blast. A while ago I loaded up about 80 rounds of S&W .500 that were too hot to shoot with a handgun. I'm no recoil wimp, but these were ungodly. They were above-maximum loads with 535 grain lead bullets and Lil Gun (however there were no signs of over-pressure). I've kept them aside (out of fear) and pretty much bought the Handi-Rifle to use them up... We did so. Holy crap! More recoil than a 12 gauge magnum but a blast to shoot at a reactive target. We have a steel plate target at the range that was "C" shaped because it had been hit too hard too many times. I turned it around and my boy and I pretty much straightened it out with those rounds.

We put 100 S&B wadcutters through the Model 10, taking turns at a dueling tree. My handicap was that I had to shoot double action and he could use single. He beat me (badly) so next time we're going even-up.

We shot a box of 100 WWB though the Broomhandle with the shoulder stock installed, and ran at least 300 through the G22. We took turns shooting 200gr SWC's with the 4506.

We shot a bunch of 10mm's out of the Delta Elite, fewer from the Glock. My son shot the Garand for the 1st time and did pretty well - two 8", 8-shot groups at 50 yards.

We shot 180 rounds through the M1 Carbine, then topped off the night by shooting the remaining nuclear rounds though the S&W .500 at 4:30, when it was dark, just to see the fireball. We kept 10 rounds aside, I shot 5, my son shot the last 5 and even though the recoil was vicious, he was disappointed that they were gone.

Good times. Very good times. My kid can shoot.

I'm going tomorrow at lunch too. I'm going to try to keep this streak alive.
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Life is good. You're fortunate to have such a 13-yr old son. And your 13-yr old son is fortunate to have such a Dad.
535 gn bullets... damn. Those must've had some punch!

Sounds like you and your son had some fun out there. Sounds like the
epitome of "quality time".

I went to the range yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. I brought
my Colt AR-15, my HK USP .40, and my HK USPc 40, and a Sig P229 (lo and
behold, also in .40!). All three of these guns have reduced power hammer
springs that I replaced, so I wanted to make sure they were reliable with the
different types of ammo I had. The testing worked out pretty well- I did
a lot of shooting at the gong at the end of the 50 yd range, but I also
shot at some shoot n see targets up a little closer in between. No function
problems, so that was good.

Today I managed to finally get the AR hitting about where it needs to be,
although my trigger control is still an issue. At least I can get the bullets in
the ballpark consistently at 50 yards. I could also hit the heavier 10" gong
just about every time with it too. For some odd reason it seems like its
way easier to hit "real" targets with that rifle than it is to shoot paper with
it. I took it out last weekend as well and was blowing up clays with it
on the berm, even though it wasn't sighted in properly. I think I'm
going to throw a scope on it at one point or another and see what that
does.... been salivating over getting an ARMS gooseneck mount and
an Aimpoint to put on top of it. (I have one of the rifles with the A2
style handle thats part of the upper...)

Was funny, yesterday there was a large family at the range before I
arrived, and a few of the people watching were not gun savvy, I had to explain
to a couple of them them politely that my AR-15 was not a "machine
gun". The mom figure who was there was initially bewildered that I
owned all that hardware and I wasn't a "Hunter". At least her daughter
(looked to be about 17-19) seemed to be less afraid of the guns
than she was, and was asking me all kinds of questions and wanted to
watch me fire the AR. While I was there I also saw her wielding her
(uncle's?) 12 G shotgun against some paper targets... which at least
partially explains her interest.

Dang ! Five days straight. I'm lucky if I can get out twice in a week.[thinking]
The 24th was fun, that's right. I wanted to take my son out shooting yesterday but SWMBO reminded me of an ever-growing Honey-Do list ...soooo
I got to work around the house & yard.

At least I get to sneak abouts the backwoods today with my shotgun and (hopefully) get that dang buck which has walked around my stand a couple of times now. [thinking]
Make that six days straight. I went today at lunch.

Dennis - I found some more of your 7.62x25 brass stuck in the sidewall of the berm. I put it aside and will give it to you the next time I see you.
Make that six days straight. I went today at lunch.

Dennis - I found some more of your 7.62x25 brass stuck in the sidewall of the berm. I put it aside and will give it to you the next time I see you.

Thanks !
CZ-52's do chuck brass don't they ? [smile]
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