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.50 Caliber vs. Mountain goats

I saw that first clip somewhere and remember hearing that someone called it a squirrel or some small rodent...I can't remember, but honestly, all those shots are somewhat inhumane if you ask me (no matter what animal it really is).
Ya, shooting goats with a .50 just for the fun of it is kind of crappy. Nothing left that's usable. At least the guys who shoot the prairie dogs are providing a service.
JonJ said:
Ya, shooting goats with a .50 just for the fun of it is kind of crappy. Nothing left that's usable. At least the guys who shoot the prairie dogs are providing a service.

Jeez...Seriously, there was nothing left!
It Says:

"you can get this to play on windows media you will see and hear the result of when a 50 cal. bullet hits a Taliban killer in Afghanistan. These are taken by Marine corp.. and Army snipers. It isn't pretty but it's war. The impact Is probably 100's of yards away from the the sniper. These were probably taken through the lens of the spotter for the sniper. What you will see are body parts flying through the air because a 50 cal. will blow a body in pieces when it hits."

Why is it that if was a video of killing animals (goats) that I feel a lot worse
than if is a video about killing human animals (Taliban). Can anyone say for
sure that it is not what it says in the text? I looked at it a number of times
and could not come to the goat conclusion.

In one of the shots it looks like a hoof and fur from the hind qaurters flying through the air. I am not sure how killing humans with a .50 is humane but killing animals with one is in humane? Either way I would not want to be on either end of one of those shots.
So the humane way (either goats or terrorists) would be what? Clubs? Napalm? Knives? A .22 behind the ear? [rolleyes]

Holy crap! I would not want to be on the receiving end of that bullet,or any for that matter.It seems that a 50BMG is not appropriate for hunting but I doubt hunting was the motivating factor.
It's probably just prairie dogs.

In some parts of the country these things are considered pests, and wide-berth
hunting seasons are allowed for their removal.

I doubt they're using a .50. Most varmint types are using .223, .204
ruger, etc.... small, FAST bullets.

I doubt its all that inhumane, considering that any mass hit is probably
instantaneous death. (That is, of course relatively speaking. If you
don't drink milk because you think the cow gets hurt, than anything is going
to be inhumane!)


Prairie dogs live on the PRAIRIE not in the MOUNTAINS ....That is why they are called PRAIRIE dogs not MOUNTAIN dogs .

Its most likely rock chucks ( ground hogs for those in the east ) .

Ok, so they're not prairie dogs. I should have just said they're just another
varmint being hit by a fast moving bullet. The animals are clearly
"varmint class" though. Anything with a "real" amount of mass, even if hit
by a .50, is not going to fly like that. If it was a goat it would probably
be a clean through shot, depending on where the bullet hits.

Really ???

I have to say your wrong . Ever hit a PD with a 150 grn Ballistic Tip ???

Well, I don't see what you're implying here. Sure if you hit a PD with a big
bullet its probably going to do that. I was referring to goats, not
prairie dogs / varmint sized animals. When I meant real amount
of mass, I meant something LARGE with four legs, like the original
poster implied it was.

Go shoot a gallon jug , see what happens to it , it weighs 7.5 pounds .

That's an inaccurate representation of a flesh bearing critter, thats
for sure. Most animals and humans are not made of 100% water. There's
also no tough stringy muscle tissue and bone structure holding everything
together. You'd be better off taking a cheap roast to the range and
putting a bullet or three through it. Additionally, most goats are pretty
heavy in comparison to that. The reason varmints fly pretty readily is
because they're tiny in comparison to the amount of energy thats being
dumped into them by the projectile. As you increase the weight of
the animal, the effect of the kinetic energy becomes somewhat

FWIW, yes, I've done the water jug spiel. I owned a .17 HMR (Ruger 77/17) and
did that frequently.... because thats what the best targets for that thing
was. In a way, using water jugs is almot like "cheating". 100% water is
like a brick wall to a bullet, and forces energy dump. Other objects
react a lot differently. I've shot hard drives with 30.06, .308 win, 7.62 x 39,
etc... and -sometimes- those will fly... and those things weigh less than a
pound. But most of the time, they don't go very far. Remove the
water and things change considerably.

Ever see the videos of guys shooting "real" game animals with large caliber
rifles? They don't go flying, thats for sure, if the animal has any real
amount of mass. (eg anything more than 30 pounds, and even "moving"
20 pounds would require a LOT of energy). Even if you shot
something small like a gazelle with a large caliber rifle, it's not going to
go flying like that. (You might ruin some meat, though).

The only time I've ever seen large animals go flying is in that video which
showed wild animals running into a minefield and getting blown up by
land mines. The amount of energy dispensed by even a small antipersonnel
mine is probably far greater than what could come out of a barrel of a
man-portable firearm, though. (Not including grenade or rocket launchers,
of course... strictly ballistic projecticles).

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Maybe the shot with the .50 was clean through the animal, but then hit the rock underneath the animal causing it do deform greatly and deflect back up in to the animal sending it flying in to the air?

Or it was a video of c-4 or det cord planted under dead carcasses and it showed them exploding.
50 cals were mounted on US war planes during WW2. My father told me that you didn't want to see what happpend when one of them strafed a column of men/machinery on a road.

He was captured and was one of many being force marched to a holding area when a US plane came by and strafed the column with 4 50 cals ablazing away. Half way thru the strafing the pilot realized there were American POW's there and stopped. During the confusion, Dad escaped.

I guess there are still 50's on modern planes.

There is always discussion about 'stopping power', and people always disagree.

It's plain to me that the bigger the round, the more the stopping power.

Hit similar targets in the same place with a variety of sizes of rounds and you'll see.

a .32 will cause more damage than a .22, a .38 more than a .32, a .45 more than a .38, a .50 more than a .45, a 20 millimeter more than a .45, an 85mm more, a 90mm more a 155 mm even more. The bigger the round, the bigger the hole and the more easily it 'stops' someone.

That's why everyone keeps making larger and larger munitions, each bigger size 'stops' more.

I think this film proves that.
The picture is pretty fuzzy given that it is 2 miles away. Here is a closeup of the Goat

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