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4 rifles I have never used the bore scope on


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Dec 26, 2008
So I have been going through all my stuff.
Getting rid of anything I dont like/love
Anything I have not shot since I was 20 years old or less.
I have at least 4 rifles I have not put the bore scope in.
Mainly is they tend to be in the back of the safe.
1. Remington 552
2. Russian SKS bought in 1989
3. Norinco mak 90 bought in 1991
4. My inland M1 carbine

i always warn people not yo bore scope rifles you like and shoot well.
So the 552 came to me in an estate sale. Was told it was used a good amount. I gave it a cleaning 10 years ago and since then about 300 rounds with basic preventive maintenance , bore snake and a wet patch for storage.

The SKS and MAK 90 have copious amount of ammo in their lives. Mag dumps, drum dumps , trigger bumping and on and on . These got your basic wipe and clean over the actuve years and some light rust here and there. Im not sure how much deep cleaning they got over the active years. In 2004 they where deep cleaned and put deep in the safe with only a few range trips.

The carbine, deep cleaned when I bought it and the amount of copper fouling I pulled leads me to think the bore is pretty rough.

most bored look good with the eyeball pearing diwn the bore. What I have seen over the years is this is mostly polished copper and carbon fouling.
I will post some bore scope images over the few days/weeks
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