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Dynamic Incident Response Tactical Shotgun Course 10/22/2016 Hanson Rod and Gun Club

Discussion in 'Dynamic Incident Response' started by maritz01, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. maritz01

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    Jun 23, 2007
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    South Shore MA

    Dynamic Incident Response, a firearms training company based on no nonsense, sound tactics geared for the law-abiding civilian, military, and law-enforcement personnel. The central premise behind our training is tried-and-true, sound tactics. Our focus on real-world, common-sense-based tactics prepares our students in dealing with real-life scenarios. We offer training tailored from the beginner to the expert shooter. We train our students not only on the basic/fundamental marksmanship skills, but also on the development of the proper mindset in order to effectively confront challenges.

    For further information go to: www.dynamicincidentresponse.com.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Cell: (781) 258-6577.

    Classes to be held at the brand new ranges at the Hanson Rod and Gun Club. In the future classes will be provided for the pistol, back up gun, snub nose, combat shotgun and pistol caliber carbine. Class size will be limited to 10 shooters and held on Saturdays.

    Classes to be offered:
    October 22, 2016 08:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Tactical Shotgun Course - Course of fire will consist of a safety briefing then demonstrate the grip, stance, loading and unloading of the shotgun and pistol. Transition drills will be utilized and drawing from the holster and re-holstering while having control of the long-arm. Malfunctions will be practiced during the course of fire. Developing the combat mindset will be the key objective throughout this class. Course of fire will be from the static position then to movement from lateral, front and to the rear then from cover. The use of a CAT tourniquet will be discussed and practiced with both individual and in team scenarios. Course objective is to have each shooter become more proficient and comfortable with their weapons of choice.

    Tuition: $250.00 plus $50.00 range fee total $300.00

    Things the student will need:
    * Shotgun either auto-loader or pump action
    * Handgun either a pistol or revolver
    * Holster and magazine carrier (minimum of 3 magazines or speed-loaders)
    * Sling - is mandatory, single point, 2 point. Military style silent sling is not recommended. If that's how your department issues it or how you want to run with it bring it and work with it.
    * 100 rounds of pistol ammunition, 100 rounds of slug, 100 rounds of 00 buck, 100 rounds of 7 or 8 (bird shot)
    * Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection is highly recommended)
    * Hat with a brim
    * CAT tourniquet with a individual first aid kit (IFAK)
    * Insect repellant
    * Appropriate shoes or sneakers
    * Rain gear
    * Water and lunch


    * NRA Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Personal Protection Inside The House Instructor and Range Safety Officer
    * IDPA Safety Officer
    * Massachusetts State Police Certified Instructor/BFS-0074
    * Massachusetts State Police Approved - Basic Firearm Personal Protection Course LTC-025
    * Massachusetts State Police Certified LEOSA Instructor-3527
    * Smith & Wesson - Edged Weapon Spontaneous Defense Instructor
    * MPTC Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Municipal Police Training Council)
    Patrol Rifle
    * Sig Sauer Academy - Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor
    * Authorized GLOCK Armorer
    * Authorized COLT M-16, M-4, AR-15 and Submachinegun Armorer
    * Authorized Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Armorer

    * Affiliations:
    Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors & Armorers Association (MLEFIAA)

    * USMC Sergeant / 1974–1978 / USMCR 1979 – 1984
    * Retired Fire Lieutenant / EMT Waltham Fire Department 1985 - 2011
    * Retired EMT #832408 - 2016
    * District Security Officer / U.S. Marshal Service 2003 - Present
    * Deputy Sheriff with a local county Sheriff’s Department / 2002 – Present / Top Gun 2005 and 2009
    * Pinkerton Executive Protection
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