2nd episode of future weapons

Mar 6, 2006
northshore, ma
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watched the second episode tonight that featured the barret .50...awesome power that thing has...wish i had the money to get one...just to say i owned one...wondering if anyone else saw it and heard the hosts goof...

in describing the size of the .50 bmg he held up a .223 round and described it as the round used by most standard US military rifles...next he held up a .308 and began the same phrase..."the .308 round...the standard issue round for the..." i thought he was gonna say for the US military sniper rifle..instead he continued the sentence "...terrorists ak-47"

my head snapped back...wouldnt you think a navy SEAL would know that the .308 isnt the standard round for an ak-47?
You could say that he is almost technically right as both are .30 cal. Though I believe 7.62x39 is actualy .311 not .308.

Though I would definitely expect a 10yr "SEAL" to know that calling 7.62x39 ".308" is bad nomenclature.

Yes, he also seems like a huge dork.
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