WTS 250 gal of good home heating fuel $4 per gallon

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Sep 15, 2014
So unfortunately i need to clear out part of my garage and currently dont have the room to store my backup fuel. I dont want to move it outside because I know its going to get clipped with one of the plows.. So ive decided to sell it at a reasonable price to get the tote out of the work area I need for now. Fuel is clean and not cloudy, its one year old but has fuel stabilizer and anti gel additives in it, also its been stored indoors inside of a galvanized tote so no sun light either. No sludge in tank since it was a new ibc tote and its only been filled once and stored properly. Ive been using a 50/50 mix in my tractors and truck with no issues. Id prefer to sell the fuel in larger quantities (no biggie if you need to make a few trips but dont show up with a truck load of 5 gal jerry cans.) Im willing to cut a little better deal if you take it all. I have a transfer pump that we can use to transfer it. I have about 260 gal but im just going to round it down to 250. $4 bucks per gallon. If your buying all of it i might have some wiggle room on price.
Cash only
worcester/leicester area

Thanks, Mike
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