WTS 2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R Tastefully Updated


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Jan 13, 2019
North of Boston, MA
It is difficult to type this as I have been riding motos since 1998 and selling this bike is closing a major chapter in my life, but admission is the first step in the process so here it is:

I'm selling my 2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R. $7,500

Somehow admitting it is supposed to make me feel better about it, but it doesn't.

I love this bike. Previous to adopting this from he original owner when it was 1,700 miles young (it was one of 6 bikes he owned) I had been on superbikes. In particular a Ducati 1098 which was a sure-footed beast of a thing. Think of the 1098 as a tyrannosaurus rex, then imagine climbing into the saddle then spurring it in the balls. Pure controlled rage. An awesome bike to ride but around here, a bike with low clip-ons was brutal, especially in traffic. The one thing the 1098 needed to fix that problem was a handlebar. Cue the Aprilia Tuono! It is everything the 1098 needed to be plus traction control, wheelie control, three ride modes, better fueling and that V4 sound. If you enjoy the way a MotoGP bike sounds at full chat then you'll love the way the Tuono sounds.

Listen to this: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccf2E5rtjC8
It's not me, but you'll get the idea.

I adopted this bad ass bumble bee in 2015. Since then I've put less than 4,000 miles on it and in 2017 I only rode it once. So far - zero rides in 2019 or 2018. I'm self-employed, have two kids in travel sports, and a growing mountain bike habit, as a result I simply just don't have the time to ride. This bike doesn't deserve to sit and needs someone who is going to take it out to stretch it's legs.

During the time I owned it I've updated a few things:
> Installed metal coolant manifold to replace the OEM unit that was prone to cracking:
> Had stator unit updated under warranty
> Installed shift support shaft for durability: AF1 Racing Aprilia | Vespa | Piaggio | Guzzi | Norton | Ural | Zero - Fully Authorized Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Ural and Zero MC Dealer. - Motorcycles - Scooters - OEM Parts - Accessories
> To avoid the fuel tank swelling from US gasoline additives the tank has been sealed by Peach Pit Racing using Caswell Coatings
tank kit: Plating Kits Electroplating Kits Aluminum Anodizing Kits Gas Tank Sealer Metal Polishing And Buffing Supplies
> Dunlop Q3 tires with tons of life left
> OEM battery wires have been replaced with the excellent Moto Electric Hi Cap II kit. Bike jumps to life.
> AF1 rare earth magnet oil drain plug to sift bits from the oil
> Akrapovic carbon slip on
> Aprilia race map installed and tuned
> Dealer installed 15 tooth front sprocket
> Evotech tail tidy: AF1 Racing Aprilia | Vespa | Piaggio | Guzzi | Norton | Ural | Zero - Fully Authorized Aprilia, Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Norton, Ural and Zero MC Dealer. - Motorcycles - Scooters - OEM Parts - Accessories
> Cams checked for pitting and valves adjusted. Both of these service procedures were done well ahead of schedule.

As accessories I also have for sale:
> Ohlins shock with 1.0 spring
> Ohlins steering damper
> RSV4 monobloc front brakes with blue stainless lines (rear line to match) and RSV4 brake master
> RSV4 belly pan
> ECU with Gabro race map. If the OEM Aprilia race map is good, this one is outstanding. Better performance all over plus cooler temps and better gas mileage. Too good to be true? That's what I thought too.
> Pit Bull front and rear stands

I am not a wheelie person and this bike was never raced or taken to the track. It has spent it's life stored inside and has never been ridden in the rain. Forks don't leak, tank hasn't swelled, oil doesn't drip. I've done all of the routine maintenance with top shelf components and kept a log of every mile I've ridden, every service I've done.

I'll update this posting as I remember things that I've done to the bike. If the ad is up, the bike is still for sale.

In the mean time, check these out:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nhlIKKJzkg

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBaktJbu-DQ
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