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2010 Election News with printable election schedule

Discussion in 'G.O.A.L. Massachusetts' started by GOAL C.M., Feb 10, 2010.

  1. GOAL C.M.

    GOAL C.M. Guest

    Well 2010 as an election year certainly started off with a bang as State Senator Scott Brown won his race for United States Senator against Attorney General Martha Coakley. Since that race was settled, there has been a flurry of announcements from people concerning political offices. Some are new to the field, others are seeking a different office from the one they have. In any case, 2010 will certainly be a year to remember as it is playing out to be one of the most exciting in recent history.

    Just to name a few of the races and candidate movements:

    State Senator Marian Walsh (D) of the Suffolk and Norfolk District has announced that she will not seek re-election this year. Senator Walsh has been in the Massachusetts Legislature since 1989 and currently serves in a leadership role in the senate as Majority Whip.

    State Representative Michael Rush (D) of the Tenth Suffolk District will be leaving his post to run for the state senate seat being vacated by Marian Walsh. Rep. Rush has been in the legislature since 2003 and is a rare Suffolk County legislator with an “A” rating from GOAL.

    Current Worcester County Sheriff Guy Glodis (D) is going to make a run for the State Auditor’s position. Guy Glodis previously served in the Massachusetts State House as a Representative and a Senator. Throughout his career he has been rated “A+” by GOAL.

    State Representative Lew Evangelidis of the First Worcester District has announced that he will run for the Worcester County Sheriff’s seat being vacated by Guy. Lew has been a member of the legislature since 2003 and is currently rated “A+” by GOAL.

    State Representative Richard Ross (R) of the Ninth Norfolk District is going to enter into the race to replace Scott Brown as State Senator. Richard has been in the House since 2005 and is rated “A+” by GOAL.

    State Representative Lida Harkins (D) of the Thirteenth Norfolk District has announced her intentions to run for the State Senate seat vacated by Scott Brown as well. Lida has been in the House since 1989, has held several leadership positions in the past and is rated “C” by GOAL.

    Dan Winslow (R), a former senior member of former Governor Mitt Romney’s staff has announced he will run to fill the State Representative seat being vacated by Richard Ross. We currently have no grade for him.

    State Representative Dan Bosley (D) of the First Berkshire District has been a major player in the House since being elected in 1987. Dan is leaving is House seat to run for Sheriff in Berkshire County. He is currently rated “A” by GOAL.

    State Representative John Quinn (D) of the Ninth Bristol District has announced he is running for Sheriff of Bristol County. John has been a member of the House since 1993 and is currently rated “A+” by GOAL.

    State Treasurer Tim Cahill (I) has announced he will vacate that position and make a run for Governor. GOAL has no current rating.

    Former State Representative Paul Loscocco (I) of Holliston was in the House for eight years and rated “A+” by GOAL has been announced as the Lt. Governor choice in Tim Cahill’s Race for Governor.

    State Senator Richard Tisei (R) of the Middlesex and Essex District currently serves as the Republican Minority Leader in the Senate and is rated “A+” by GOAL. Richard is making a run for Lt. Governor in Charlie Baker’s campaign for the corner office.

    State Representative Denis Guyer (D) of the Second Berkshire District has announced that he will not be seeking re-election. The Representative has been in the House since 2005 and has been rated “A+” by GOAL.

    State Representative Jeffrey Perry, rated “A+” by GOAL, of the Fifth Barnstable District has announced that he will vacating that seat to run against William Delahunt in the 10th Congressional race in November.

    Speaking of Elections

    With the upcoming elections being the talk of the town, here are a few dates that candidates and voters should keep in mind.

    Last Day to Submit Nomination Papers:

    District and County Offices (Party and Non Party Candidates) – April 27, 2010

    Federal and Statewide Offices (Party Candidates) – May 4, 2010

    Federal and Statewide Offices (Non Party Candidates) – August 3, 2010

    Last Day to Register to Vote in the State Primaries – Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    State Primaries – Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Last Day to Register to Vote in the State Elections - Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    State Elections – Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    For a complete printout of the election schedule, go to: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/elepdf/schedule_10.pdf

    People You Should Know

    With the state budget process underway, there are a few committee chairs that are members should know, specifically the Chairs of the House and the Senate Committees on Ways & Means.

    “It shall be the duty of the committee on Ways and Means to consider all matters relating to the finances of the Commonwealth and such other matters as may be referred thereto.”

    Charles Murphy
    Chairman of the House Committee on Ways & Means
    State Representative Charles Murphy (D)
    State House, Room 243
    Boston, MA 02133
    Ph: 617-722-2990
    Email: [email protected]
  2. GOAL C.M.

    GOAL C.M. Guest

    We've been working hard to keep all of the MA elections - candidate ratings up to date for the upcoming elections.

    check out the pages below for ratings on all of the State wide races. Also, if you know of a candidate that is not on here, please send me an email with their info, or if you know a candidate and they have not filled out one of our candidate questionnaires please get one to them, available here.

    Ratings pages;
    MA. Governor, Lt. Governor, Governor's Council, Treasurer, and Sherriffs
    MA State Representative's by district
    MA State Senator by district
    United States Congress. (note every incumbent is rated "F"!) Lets vote them out!
  3. Len-2A Training

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    Feb 26, 2005
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    Escaping to NH
    Norfolk County DA Bill Keating (D) is considering a run for Delahunt's position in Congress. Bill is a former State Rep and State Sen. Bill has a home in Barnstable, but is considering taking up residence in Quincy according to a news article I just read.

    Sen. Mike Morrissey (D) plans on running for Norfolk County DA.

    Rep. Perry (R) spoke at Braintree R&P meeting last week and introduced himself to all those in his district (running for Delahunt's position).

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