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1911 AMBI Safety install question.

Dec 19, 2005
Upstate NY
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I am looking to get a ambi safety for my S&W 1911. Has anybody put one on themselves? I keep hearing that some can requiring quite a bit of fitting. I am worried I might get in over my head. I have no problem removing and reinstalling the stock one, but that doen't require filing down metal off the safety to make it work. Are there any out there that are better made that would potentially go in easier?
Fitting a safety is a touchy thing because a malfunctioning safety can cause the gun to discharge when the safety is actuated aside from the obvious risk of not blocking the sear. If you have Kunhausen's books and you understand the relationship of the safety/sear/hammer then you can do O.K. but it isn't a good place to start for home gunsmithing. The stakes are bit higher then say fitting a magwell, firing pin stop, bushing, barrel, extractor, ejector etc.

You will need to learn the proper procedure for function testing the safety and checking for sear/hammer movement. Go slow when removing material, and don't test with live ammo until your absolutely sure it's going to work, and even then don't do it at home!
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One important test once you have installed the safety - put the 1911 on safe, and pull the trigger. Make sure the hammer does not fall when the safety is released. In improperly fitted safety can allow disengagement of the hammer/sear notch, at which point the safety is blocking hammer movement - rather than preventing the sear hook from being pulled off the ridge on the hammer.
function test

im in the market to fit my defender with an ambi-thumb safety as well.
being left handed im forced to carry in condition 3 as i cant disengage the thumb safety. its actually quicker for me to rack the slide than to reach over and release the thumb safety.
shame its not something you can drop in and go.
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