1911...... 9mm slide on a 45 lower


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Jun 21, 2014
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Anybody ever put a 9mm slide/barrel assembly on a 45 lower? anything to be concerned about? only thing I can think of on the lower would be the ejector...and mag of course)

would the ejector work for both calibers?

appreciate any input
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work. 1911's aren't Glocks. It's my understanding a commander length slide won't work on a GI frame, both 45s. I could be completely wrong. I'm sure a 1911 afficianardo can confirm one way or the other.
This combo will not work because the feed ramp in the frame is cut differently for a .45. The 9mm barrel will extend back over the frame and cause feeding problems (ask me how I know). I cured the problem by having the 45 frame cut for a ramped barrel. No problem as the gun is to be 9mm only.
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