14 year old girl's AAR: First pistol fighting class "Everyday Pistol" Keen NH 8-24-19


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May 16, 2011
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Read my thoughts (DAD) on taking my daughter to a pistol class here: Taking my 14 yr old daughter to a Pistol Class: CLASS REVIEW Everyday Pistol Keene NH 8-24-19


August 24, 2019
Keene, NH
7:30 A.M-7:00 P.M
Everyday Pistol Class
Instructor: Brian A. Sayers

My father and I, attended the ‘Everyday Pistol Class’ by instructor by Brian A. Sayers at the Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation in Keene NH on Saturday, August 24th.

I am a 14 year old highschool freshman girl and this is my first training class. I have been shooting for 5 years and have gone to the range many times with my dad. In the beginning of this summer, he set up a ½ day private lesson for me with Ben DeWalt from OnSight Firearms. I was ready for my first class. I was nervous, my dad said everyone gets nervous in their first few classes. I hope would not mess up and get embarrassed. He said I would, everyone messes up and gets embarrassed, that is part of learning. He said the most important thing was to be safe, keep my finger off the trigger until the gun was pointed at the target and when I was reholstering. We practiced this many times at home with a plastic gun and then with an unloaded real gun.

Started off with reviewing the four safety rules and a talk about the medical plan which is KEY. We went over the procedures in case of a medical emergency (who would be the first responder, calling 911, and where to put the injured person in Brain’s truck with his GPS already programmed for the Keene hospital). After this review, we all introduced ourselves to each other in the class and told the group what we wanted to learn in this class.

Brian then went over the Course Objectives, Survival Principals, and F.A.S.T. Fight, Assess, Scan, Topoff

Brian taught us how to draw from our holsters, how to grip the gun, how to load the magazine, how to clear malfunctions, emergency reloads, and how to execute F.A.S.T. This process was repeated multiple times until we were all comfortable with it.

At the beginning of the class, I was afraid of the recoil of the gun, Brian told me “let the gun surprise me” as I was pressing the trigger. He told me to use trigger reset, which helped my marksmanship immensely. We practiced, assessing, scanning, doing reloads (F.A.S.T). I felt so bad ass at this point, that I was grinning! I felt like John Wick or John McClane! Yippee Ki Yay!!

Brain let me shoot his gun a Glock 19 and use his holster. I don’t think he liked my gun. I was shooting a Smith and Western ez. My dad thought would be easier for me to rack the slide on my Smith and Western ez rather than the slide on his guns. I did what Brian wanted and used his gun for the class. I like it, it held more bullets than mine and the recoil was less than my mine. I told my dad I want my own Glock 19.

Around the middle of the day, we went over type 2 and type 3 malfunctions which were the same fix, a tap and then a rack, except with the type 3 we reloaded with a fresh magazine by pulling out the stuck magazine.

After lunch Brian showed us where to shoot the bad guy that was doing evil things. Where exactly to shoot, the heart and brain. He showed us where to aim if the bad guy was not facing us.

We shot using one hand only, first our strong hand and off-hand which was some bad ass shit right there! We practiced dropping our gun incase the police ordered us to do it. He said if we did not drop the gun immediately the police would shoot us if we moved while holding a gun. I am glad he told us that, I will always remember that as his job is a policeman.

We did drills turning left and right from the target making sure we turned our head looking at the bad guy and then moved our body straight towards the bad guy before drawing our gun. We had to remember that one of the safety rules was never let the muzzle of our gun cross something we did not want to destroy.

We were shown covert ready how to draw the gun and hold it safely on the butt cheek where no one would see it while we answered the door.

At the end of the day we learned how to do ground fighting, lying on our backs shooting between our legs, sitting, kneeling and fighting to our feet. During these drills we got to shoot the bad guy’s junk most of this time! Brian said sometimes we don’t get to pick how the fight starts and we need to know how to fight from all positions we may find ourselves in.

We shot on the move, forward and backward. We were told not to shoot unless we thought we could hit where we wanted to. Which was basically the coolest thing I’ve done. Brian said, if we missed our target, we would be the active shooter. Something I had not thought about. I want to save lives not murder people. He said professionals know the shots they can’t make. I had heard my dad say that many times when we were at the range, now I know where he heard that. I want to train to be a professional.

We did a drill one at a time where we walked around barrels shooting the bad guy, which was friggin awesome and I never wanted that drill to stop. I was saying “I got something for you to the bad guy!” as I was shooting him in the heart. It was so hecking cool!!

Lastly, we learned the retention position was awesome, I could feel the blow of the gun in my face! And I loved it. Afterward, my dad said it was his favorite drill of the class and I could see why. So powerful feeling the blast bouncing off the target. Mike the man shooting next to me was saying he could smell the bad breath of the bad guy, it made me laugh. Mike is so funny.

Overall, this was an amazing class and Brian Sayer deserves an award for his genius teaching, patience, and great personality. I also thought Mike was so nice and funny, my dad really likes him and I can see why. I met his wife and I thought it was so cool that she drives a motorcycle and teaches people how to drive motorcycles.

I can’t wait until his next class.

I learned the following from this class:
  • F.A.S.T.
  • Mindset, tactics, skills, and gear
  • Emergency reloads
  • Speed reloads
  • Type 1, 2, and 3 Malfunctions
  • Best places to shoot from different angles
  • How to shoot with my off hand and strong hand
  • Ground fighting, sitting, kneeling up to standing fighting
  • Shooting on the move
  • Covert ready
  • Turning left, right and rear
  • Retention position
Instructor Brian A. Sayers
Phone: (518) 929-4818
Email: [email protected]

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