10/22 USP TAC range trip.


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Feb 26, 2005
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So, took one of my buddies to Harvard today, brought out all the girls for a good time, wanted to get my new USP tac out to the 100 yd range and see how she held up against my .40 Both guns will hit the man sized plate consistantly.....

I really like the .45, quite a cannon. sights are a little off, but Id like to put the Heinie slants on before I change anything.

But I also reached way in the back of the safe, and grabbed my first firearm, a Ruger 10/22 I bought back in like 95. I slapped a scope on it way back then, and have only really shot it a few times.

What a tack driver. I couldnt believe it. Windy as hell shooting some old ass Walmart remmy hollows, and it was right on. I shot about 200 rounds (no fun with one 10 round mag) and only stopped because th e mag is junk.

Makes me wanna trick it out, but what a blast. I wish my stepson gave a crap about anything, Id take him shooting with it.

ALso shot the M-4, AR15 HBAR, and the M1A. Havent shot the M1A in about a year, and the scope was still dead on. Same with the ACOG on the M-4.....the ARMS mounts are true to thier word on the 100% return to zero.

Fun time was had by all.
that is all.

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When you shoot an AR15 HBAR, how do you tend to hold it? I find it is very, well, heavy...
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