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  1. Five more coming to the ranks

    Got five new shooters joining us soon, all went for the FBSC today and are filling out the applications, both my daughters, their husband/future husband and the future husbands father, all from one persons (Me) influence.
  2. Would you load these cases?

    44 Mag cases, CBC brand. this is a sample from the lot. It's the pink/copper colored stains that concern me. They were stored in a plastic zip lock bag for a while.
  3. WTB 460 Smith & Wesson dies

    Title says it all, would prefer Hornandy or Redding but beggars can't be choosey, PM here
  4. WTS Delta 6" jointer

    Selling a Delta 6" jointer, has the mobile base. The only thing wrong with it is the lock mechanism to adjust the infeed table is broken, you can still adjust it, you just have to work around the broken mechanism. It could also use a fresh set of knives which I will throw in. Asking $200.00 for...
  5. WTS Rockwell table saw

    I have an older 9" Rockwell table saw for sale. It's probably 60s vintage. It has a cast iron top and is good shape for it's age. I put a 30" Vega rip fence system on it and it has some blank zero clearance inserts. The only issue is I can't get the miter slot perfectly parallel with the blade...
  6. WTB Please delete

    Like the title says looking for a stock gen 3 or 4 G19 in excellent condition. No "upgrades", no ugly cerakote colors, no butt ugly frame stipling, no golden barrels, fancy ass triggers etc, just as it came from the factory. The only acceptable upgrade would be nite sights, other than that I'm...
  7. Ruger PC carbine help **Updated**

    Just acquired a PC carbine (chassis type) and it has the pinned adjustable stock. I would like to swap out just the butt stock but it looks like I would need some kind of adapter to put AR type stock on it like a MOE fixed or something along those lines, anyone know of anything out there? I did...
  8. Is it slowing down?

    I visited three shops down here in the pit area on Saturday, this has been my routine on Saturdays for a few weeks now and the volume of customers seems like it's starting to diminish, anyone else notice similar? Ammo is still tough but all the shops seemed to be pretty well stocked on guns and...
  9. Magpul Glock mags

    Bought one of those nifty Ruger PC carbines and need to get more mags for it, the Magpul 10 rounders are cheap, about half the price of Glock magazines, but how do they work? any opinions? Thanks
  10. I have a Garand....

    So I have the rifle, got ammo and clips. What other "must have" accessories for the M1 should I be looking at?
  11. 460 S&W owners

    What are you guys using for reloading gear? Just about everything is out of stock anyway but i figure I can start vetting.
  12. This Blows!!!

    Sucks having the money for the gun you want but you can't find the f***er! :mad:
  13. Struck gold!!!

    Found a 1000 round case of 9mm FMJs that I completely forgot I had!!!!
  14. WTB 454 Casull/460 S&W revolver

    Looking for a revolver in 454 Casull or 460 S&W. Single or double action ok. Prefer 4-5 inch barrels, will consider over that length but not under. PM me here if you have something. Thanks.
  15. Any Walther experts in the house?

    Specifically the PPK/S. Trying to find info on it but so far have come up with very little. Serial number on the slide is 195XXX, Frame is 195XXXS. I have the box but that was no help, There is a 74 on the barrel and from what I have read that's the year the barrel was proofed? What I'm most...
  16. Free head space gauges

    So in the "why the f*** do I have this" category I have a set of 30/40 Krag head space gauges, go, nogo and field. Free to anyone who wants them, not sure the brand, may be PTG or Clymers. PM here if you want 'em!
  17. Help me decide! Poll

    Need optics money, got let at least one go, help me decide. I don't carry any of them so it really doesn't matter.
  18. WTS Magneto speed V3

    Magneto speed V3, never used. Just played with the mounting hardware to get familiar with it but it's never had a bullet over it. $300 firm but open to trades of ammo, other gun accessories, see below. Would trade even or plus cash either way depending on what/how much you have for: Beretta 92...
  19. Village Sports, No more transfers.

    Just an FYI, went into Village Sports today to do a transfer with another member, I got there early so one of the people behind the counter asked what I needed, I said I was here to do a transfer and I was waiting for the other party to show up. Well, they told me they do not do transfers...
  20. Sticky spotter situation?

    Haven't used my spotting scope in a while, this weekend I took it out of the case and the rubberized coating on it is all sticky. It's a konus spotter and otherwise in good shape. Anybody have any ideas on how to remove the sticki-ness? I was just thinking of wrapping it with some camo fabric...
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