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  1. Huge Weapons Seizure by US Navy

    There used[1] to be a USCG liaison attached to the Panamanian embassy in DC, exactly to deal with rusty 150 foot general cargo ships with hand painted names (with paint runs down to the gunnels), Panamanian flags and ratty assed captains ... Intercepting cutter would radio HQ, HQ would call...
  2. MA Cannon license

    A fact once known to all red blooded American youth. Back when both top and bottom of a can was crimped you could build a lovely cannon using a couple of cans, a can opener and some tape. 3 cans with tops and bottoms removed, 3 cans with triangular holes in the top and bottom (can opener) a...
  3. ATF Formally releases new proposed definition of "Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms

    I thought the same thing on the first (and second) reading. It took another careful reading to realize that, no, they just interleaved the definition of a fire control component in the definition of a frame or receiver. The key is in the next ‘graph (my bolding): The definition in bold is...
  4. “The Right to Bear Arms” by Stephen Halbrook

    looks like a retread of an older book he wrote? Also, if it’s anything like the two books he wrote on Switzerland during WWII you can expect to be repeatedly bludgeoned with the same set of facts. He wasn’t wrong (much), but Jesus lord, was he repetitive. Many trees were needlessly sacrificed.
  5. All I ask is 10 mins to help save SCOTUS!

    Include a commitment to send a campaign donation if they vote the right way. That way you can waste both your time AND your money :-/
  6. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    New theory: the guy plans to live out his life in the lap of luxury built on the proceeds of the civil lawsuit. Is the city attorney working billable rather than a direct town employee? No way he’d sign off on this move otherwise.
  7. Employees not doing their job correctly, wrong person denied.

    https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nics/national-instant-criminal-background-check-system-nics-appeals-vaf I Was Denied a Firearm—What Happens Now? Firearm-Related Challenge If you believe you have been wrongfully denied a firearm, you can request a firearm-related challenge (appeal). You may...
  8. US Army's New Heavy M4 Barrel

    Double encryption via ROT13 - it’s twice as secure!
  9. [email protected] saves passengers from injection-molded Airsoft triggers,...

    I must be confused about how a gun works because it seems to me that if TSA simply prevented, oh, I dunno, the BARREL from getting through then maybe it doesn’t matter a monkey’s flea’s scrotum how many other parts are in some peoples’s pocketses. I swear TSA hires on a bell curve; you must...
  10. Johns Hopkins "ghost gun" public awareness survey

    That’s a survey the same way an infomercial is information. One entire “question” is a page of scary allegedly untraceable guns allegedly seized by LE. JHU Bloomberg School can blow me.
  11. Modern sporting rifles on the Moon?

    Not really. See previous posts about weight related to mass. Weight is the local way to express mass. On earth they’re the same, but on the moon, your weight changes, but not your mass. F=ma and none of those change based on local gravity, so your felt recoil is exactly the same. (edited...
  12. Modern sporting rifles on the Moon?

    It’s all irrelevant. Maura published a letter in the Globe and anyone on the moon with an MSR is actually a felon-in-waiting. NASA will be an unindicted coconspirator. (What? Someone had to post it ...)
  13. 3% added credit card fee

    Conflicting laws 1) It is illegal for a business to surcharge for using a credit card. Business is allowed to DISCOUNT for paying cash. This was put in place as a mechanism to prevent screwing customers over by handing them an invoice for more than the listed price of <thing>. Boch should be...
  14. Cleaning tools

    I asked my dentist if he had any old ones he’d otherwise dispose of. He was happy to give me a few.
  15. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    This isn’t (yet) a 2A case ... the relevant Vermont cite is the state constitution
  16. Town Stickers

    I tried that with my USCG parking sticker..worked at Base Boston, but the gate SPs at Norfolk were 100% unamused and confiscated it. F’ing squids.
  17. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    Or ... not different from MA, CA or any other state that has capacity restrictions. Or, really, any person, any allegation, any state. Throw every charge you can find in a search of the jurisdiction’s legal code at the poor bastard and let the lawyers and judges argue it out. The system is...
  18. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    I see Maura was spending my tax dollars to stick her f*cking oar in. Why do I suspect her amicus curia submission wasn’t for the appellee...
  19. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    If I understand correctly, this ruling was up a pretrial appeal path. So, guy has 30 round mags, gets charged (because charge anything and make defendant prove they aren’t new mags from NH) but hasn’t had trial yet, so hasn’t had a chance to try to turn it around with “FU, prosecutor, YOU prove...
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