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  1. Biden’s executive action

  2. The Reality Duality

    There’s been quite a few threads for the last several months about forced vaccinations, confiscations, shutdowns, passports, toilet paper, mask requirements, grandfather clauses, elections, and general “this shit can’t happen here” threads. Each thread a realization step that maybe it could...
  3. Grandpa’s Sharp’s Rifle

    My Grandpa (father’s father) was a hunter and left his guns to my dad. My dad has added some r&r classics but does not hunt or shoot. The collection is small, but very well cared for. One rifle in particular has always piqued my interest over the years and after some preliminary research due to...
  4. Joe Rogan endorses Sanders

    My first post ever on the inter webs (besides bulletin boards back in 86) so go easy on me. 😃 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/joe-rogan-smeared-white-nationalist-transphobe-after-bernie-sanders-accepts-his Basically Joe Rogan endorses Sanders and the sjws are upset because he doesn’t think...
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