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  1. Any dealers or gunsmiths sell and install Glock trigger kit in So Shore?

    Would like to install a tigger kit on my G34 locally, any idea who sells and installs a 3.5 lb kit?
  2. Aftermarket Ruger mark III trigger,, which one is best for bullseye?

    I bought a Mark iii competition recently, and I would like to switchout the factory trigger, what would you recommend?
  3. What does "The bore is frosty" on an old rifle mean?

    Thinking to get older military rifles, seller indicated ""The bore is frosty" does it mean the rifling is bad?
  4. Chest pouch for AR15 mag, which one to get?

    New to this subject, and I have seen the 5.11 in person and like it a lot, just want to see what else is out there.
  5. Where to buy a rubber grip for my S&W model 10?

    I want to replace the beat up wood grip with rubber one, I checked on Ebay and amazon but has no luck, any recommendation?
  6. Cost to re-bluing my S&W model 10?

    Any idea who does re-blue revolver and estimate for the cost for the job?
  7. Front and rear sight for AR, which one would you recommend?

    Just bought an upper, and it does not come with any sights. I don't plan on doing any long distance shooting, and I will get a Eotech soon, but as a back up, what kind of front and rear sight would you recommend, and why?
  8. Spike's Tactical AR--- Good or Bad?

    Someone recommend Spike's Tactical to me, since I don't much about them, do they make good AR?
  9. Question on LEO resticted Glock mags

    Saw some Pre ban Glock mags for sale, they have LEO marking, is it OK for civilian to buy?
  10. Have anyone seen a Colt LE6920 in MA

    Would like to know how much MA dealer is asking for one these days
  11. Question on pre ban Glock mag with +2 rd extensions.

    I have seen some pre ban15rd mags online with +2 rds extension, is it O.K. to have in MAS?
  12. Anyone applied for a LTC-A in Waltham recently

    My GF is going to get an application next week, just want to see what the wait time is for the whole process.
  13. Does Glock 19 barrel fit into G26?

    Will it fit?
  14. Any 38 special revolvers has light trigger pull

    Looking for a small revolver and try few of them at a shop, all have very heavy trigger pull (10lbs I think), any of them has lighter pull (Around 5lb), or can it be mod to lighter? Please keep this in mind, I am a "Newbie" to revoler
  15. Between Thureon Defense and just right carbine, which one is better choice.

    Looking for a 9mm carbine, shot the hi-point, it O.K, and I don't like the look of Kel-Tec 2000. I did a google search, and find Thureon Defense and Just right, which one is better, or they are other I don't know about. Takes Glock mag is a plus.
  16. Which defense ammo for .22 resolver?

    If you have a .22 revolver as home defense, what kind of ammo is best suit the job?
  17. Is it easier for female to get unrestricted?

    My GF is going to take a safety course soon, let say if she lives in a RED town, would it be easier for her to a unrestricted than most guys do?
  18. Pre ban or Post ban Glock mag?

    Are these Pre ban or Post ban Glock Mag?
  19. What kind of Scope for Ruger 10/22

    I don't need a scope is very powerful, 100% in door shooting; what would you recommend.
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