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  1. Baja Spas LuvTub

    Yes! Check this thing out! Previous owner had this installed in the master Bedroom. I carefully removed before we moved in. Outside dimensions roughly 80"x50" I have the fixtures, if you want them, and the blower motor for the bubbles. Located in Stoughton. Price: $100 GOAL or Comm2A...
  2. Police gun porn

    Favorite seized evidence pics. This one has an S&W 1911 PD?
  3. "How would you react in a shooting" segment on NPR this morning

    I caught the tail end of this on the way to work. Host sounded like typical NPR hand-wringer, but the 2 guests were good. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/01/08/260777901/how-would-you-react-in-a-shooting-have-a-plan-experts-say
  4. Springfield XDM

    Can someone explain why this gun is not Mass compliant? And why does the seach function not recognize 2-letter strings?
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