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  1. Need advice for building a ar for a women

    Make it a 6.8, best thing the Mr did on my AR. Also got a magpul ctr stock on it
  2. when seconds count....

    [smile]Dupe police
  3. Medical Training

    2 hours. Then we drop the tourniquet. Fwiw Realized already said. Put one one, call EMS. Learn first aid and CPR as someone said. Agreed, no need for fancy classes
  4. GOAL Howie Carr Event - (firearm door prize)

    and exactly what good will this do gun owners ? How are you helping the cause? Or are you just going to sit there and complain about what people are trying to do?
  5. Don't you love the Globe?

    So, since I'm a female....I wasted my time with the class and got my ltc for nothing? I could have just as easily walked in and just bought the gun?[rolleyes] *@#$$ lunatics
  6. So why hasn't Comm2A sued MA over this...

    Thank you so much for the update and the countless hours you put in. I could probably pull off a small donation a month.
  7. chicago woman loses 4th child to gun violence

    Wow, and I am sure it was legal and the shooter had attended all the right NRA classes[rolleyes]
  8. Responses from MA Representatives and Senators

    My state rep: Susan Williams Gifford is very opposed to Patrick's proposal and very pro 2A. I got a call back from her assistant yesterday I thanked her for her support.
  9. Lost LTC pin #

    You will get a new pin with your renewal
  10. Peaceful 2nd amendment rights demonstration at Massachusetts State House (02/08/13)

    So, what is your goal? Defending the Bill of Rights or becoming the next Vanilla Ice? I am serious....
  11. The most controversial thought ive ever had.

    Btw... Not all anesthesiologists are anti 2A.. Find different ones to talk to[thinking]
  12. Mass Firearms School’s $60,000 gun buy

    Another vote for the south shore/south coast. Nice looking toys you have[smile]
  13. Putting armed cops in school is insane!!!

    Rockland high in 1980 had a cop in the school. Nickname was "nifty the narc". [smile]
  14. Anyone see that FUDD in today's Glob?

    There are way too many "Russell Reeves of Hingham". Trust me, I work with a bunch. No one has approached me yet, but a co-worker was badgered by one. Also, another one left an unsigned letter that would make the Brady bunch proud [frown]
  15. Any shops stock .300 BLK, 6.5 or 6.8 Normally?

    in CT also. Reloading is your friend
  16. 1

    Worst day of my life. [laugh]
  17. Questions for the old-timers

    I do remember going into Service Merchandice in Brockton in the late 80's and buying a 12 ga Mossberg. Just picked it up off the shelf, FID card I believe..
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