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  1. P365 with manual safety

    2 more in stock. Won’t last.
  2. Ruger sr22

    Used but in great shape. $450 Ammo also in stock.
  3. Ruger sr1911

    Lightly used $700 In 45 ACP. Ammo in stock too!
  4. M&P shields EZ 380

    One with safety one without.
  5. Sig P210 Target.

    9mm. One of the finest pistols I've ever held. $1499+tax. You will not find a better pistol on the market right now.
  6. Thompson center Compass II in 6.5

    6.5 creedmoor with ammo in stock. $450 plus tax.
  7. Mossberg Patriot mvp .308

    Comes with bipod and scope. Great value here. Accepts m14 preban magazines $549+tax
  8. FN 509

    NIB open by appointment only. Sold
  9. P365 only 2 in stock.

    SOLDplus tax They won’t last. Only 2 I could get. Open by appointment Call or text 781-831-2560
  10. P320 in 9mm and 45cal

    ALL SOLD Sub compact 9mm or full size 45 Open by appointment only. 781-831-2560
  11. FN 509 in two tone FDE

    (SOLD)new in box Open by appointment only. 781-831-2560
  12. S&W 15/22 1 left

    SOLD Open by appointment. 781-831-2560
  13. H&K VP9 in grey

    1 in at SOLD Open by appointment. 781-831-2560
  14. Mossberg patriot night train only 1 in

    Bolt action with scope 308. Takes M14 mags too. $599 cash plus tax.
  15. Keltec SU16B (2) in stock

    Dark green is all that’s available. SOLD cash plus tax Open by appointment 781-831-2560
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