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  1. Texas man suing MA

    i searched but didnt find any threads about this unless i didn't go back far enough http://www.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/bob_mcgovern/2017/06/mcgovern_texan_targets_bay_state_gun_licensing_law#.WVZHaIOXh74.twitter
  2. AR issue

    i have been having issues with my Ar since day one its was one i put together so its been a side project. it has many problems it will have failure to feed issues, wont lock back on last round, it will jam and wont go fully into battery with a magazine inserted. as far as trouble shooting I...
  3. Pepper spray holster

    I was looking for a horizontal holster for pepper spray and after a bit of google fu found this http://www.joxloaderpouches.com/Horizontal-OC-Pouch.html They are custome made so it took about 3 weeks; was $27 shipped and have been using it for two weeks with a fox labs 1.5oz 1 3/8 inch...
  4. Nickel or steel?

    Was given some old spent ammo was thinking of keeping it to reload but don't know if it can be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. someone is butt hurt

    didn't see a post on this yet but a family form the lucky gunner lawsuit is butt hurt they have to pay the legal fees http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lonnie-and-sandy-phillips/lucky-gunner-lawsuit_b_8197804.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592
  6. Good News for Somerville

    as some of you where aware When I first got my LTC last it was restricted so after waiting a year I sent a letter to the Chief asking for the restriction to be lifted. The city has an acting chief so I did not know how it was going to be handled He called me today. His policy is to personally...
  7. lever shotgun

    anyone have experience with the CAI PW87? I am thinking of getting one
  8. cowboy action question

    I am thinking of getting into it I already have a lever gun and am currently shopping for shotguns but when I look at revolvers All i see are vaqueros .Are vaqueros the only revolvers you can get in MA? my lever gun is 45colt so i would be looking for something in that caliber
  9. rossi lever gun help*UPDATE*

    I have an r92 that is all of a sudden giving me fits the lever is frozen the action and bolt will not move I can cock the hammer and it the hammer will work if you pull the trigger but nothing else any ideas *Update* Got it back this morning and all seems well action is working fine plan on...
  10. Boston bomber didnt use gun powder

    Boston Bombs Likely Built From Fireworks - Yahoo!
  11. Mosin nagant stock refinish

    after using citrus strip to take the old crap off i also discovered that citristrip doe snot like foam brushes or plastic cups it ate them both there were already some dings in the stock i did not remove them they added some character I hand rubbed one coat of minwax Dark Walnut 2716...
  12. spam ammo cans

    picked up some spam cans of ammo for my mosin over the weekend man are they a pain in the but to open with the can opener they give you
  13. did you ever notice

    that once you become a gun owner you become kind of like a nomad since I have have had my license I have been to Everett, Quincy, Shrewsbury, Webster and Middleboro for firearm related things this list will probably keep growing
  14. here she is

    just picked up this morning [smile] now on to a revolver then my first time buys will be complete
  15. Just did it

    put in an order for my first gun I went with the rossi r92 with the stainless steel finish [smile]
  16. getting the repeal of AWB on the ballot

    I believe it is time to counter attack . I have not had that much time to research it yet but from what i gather A lawyer or law group would have to draft a proposal and i also think a certain amount of signatures may be needed. I think this would not only show that gun owners mean business but...
  17. canned repsonse form the Gov

    i sent an email out last night this is what i originally sent Governor Patrick, I am sending this in regards to the Gun legislation that was introduced yesterday. Massachusetts already has some of the strictest gun control rules in the country . We do not need to follow in New York's...
  18. Going green

    This site has been awesome i sent a check out on Monday[smile]
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