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  1. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    I dunno. But whatever you do, you grow a kick-ass mustache first.
  2. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    Find Ellis, hit the bathroom sink, generate some white lines, and take a break from the world for awhile. Because Ellis? Bubby? He's your white knight!
  3. Cops in a shootout - help? Not help?

    No brainer. I hightail it as far away as possible. My firearm defends myself and my family. When it does, I probably lose it forever. That’s a big enough risk for me and mine; the world I live in makes it unsafe for me to risk that for anyone else. The hypothetical cop has every conceivable...
  4. What kinda gun is this

  5. What kinda gun is this

    Absolutely right.
  6. What kinda gun is this

    It’s an ugly one. That’s what kind.
  7. This is an arsenal

  8. This is an arsenal

    Group buy? in...
  9. Is this a microchip on my 642?

    PLACE THE GUN INTO A FARADAY BAG. TOSS THE BAG INTO A DUMPSTER. SCORCH OFF YOUR FINGERPRINTS. WALK AWAY AND CHANGE YOUR NAME. Nah. Probably just a tracking code they used at the factory. Like the assembly numbers.
  10. New Carry gun

    I think it's partly about perspective, too. I'm ecumenical in my carry preferences, and every gun requires a different set of considerations. On a whim once (and mostly just to see if I could pull it off), I IWB'd a Webley Mk V. That's a heavy, clunky six-shot revolver in .455, and hauling it...
  11. Your New Knife!

    Ka-Bar made the classic USMC fighting knife. It is a respected legacy brand with varying levels of quality and a lot of different products now at different price points, but that Becker is a fine knife that’ll do anything you need it to. Looks nice. As for the shiv? It, too, is a knife. [rofl]
  12. New Carry gun

    In before "buy a Garand." OP, your taste in guns is not mine, but I will say that I always know right away if a gun's going to be a keeper. If you already know the Shield's going to be to your liking, I'd wait. .45 or SD 9mm, either/or. But on top of that, @Mtn_Guy is right. Two (or three)...
  13. Make your bets! Where will the Chinese rocket crash

    B-4. There won’t be an after. ba-dum. tssssss.
  14. The 10 Most Overrated Cartridges

    Brilliant. Well played.
  15. Beretta Revolver

    Fair enough. I’ve learned something today.
  16. Beretta Revolver

    Okay, but I'm still not sure how it functions any differently from a dozen other designs? This is my first time hearing about 'em. And it doesn't look like it works any better than, say, a '64 K-frame. Sure, the fit and finish might be finer and all that, but I'm sure they all reliably go bang...
  17. Beretta Revolver

    But how does this function any differently than any other Hand Ejector? Unless there's some sort of nifty new technology angle I'm not catching out of this...
  18. Joint Base Cape Cod range

    And now it's hit the mainstream news. NBC10 is covering it now. Complete with file footage of civilians shooting... ARs. Of course.
  19. Beretta Revolver

    Meh. It's a revolver. That's a mechanism that's been perfected for a hundred years. And the used market is awash with examples that'll fire every bit as well as that one, at 90% less. Not interested.
  20. Wellesley taking aim at gun shops

    Your welcome.
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