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  1. WTB 10/22 Gray synthetic stock

    Passed on one of these a few days ago at my local shop for $250...kind of regretting it now. Let me know if you have one and want to sell
  2. Delete

    WTB Ruger 10/22 (New or close to New) Wood stock version only
  3. WTS Please Remove

    WTS/WTT Excellent condition Kahr PM9 with 6 magazines plus holster. Looking to see what trades are out there. Interested in Seecamp .32, Bauer 25, Baby browning and other mouse guns. Would also be interested in a complete AR lower.
  4. Panic Buying

    I keep hearing from friends and reading on some forums about how soon everyone will be "panic buying" before november. I guess I'm just curious on others thoughts on this subject and how likely it is to actually happen because of the election. I sort of missed the last panic buy go round so...
  5. Speer gold dot .32 auto 60 grain GDHP

    While awaiting the arrival of a new seecamp .32 I have been looking to stock up on what's considered the "preferred" round for functionality etc. Everything I have seen lately points me to speer gold dot 60g HP, I have searched every shop around me but nobody seems to have it. Why is it so hard...
  6. Delete

    I bought the RGBII micro red dot to throw on my AR and the base that came supplied will not come off, anyone else had this issue? I removed the 4 screws on the bottom and tried everything to get it to move but it wont budge. I emailed PA already but was kind of hoping someone had this issue and...
  7. lurker turned green, hyannis

    After lurking for a couple years I finally pulled the trigger and paid up, least I could do after all I've learned here. Happy to be a paid member of the club
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