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  1. Anyone spent time with a Yaesu FT-897d?

    Sent you a message
  2. HF Propagation Current Conditions

    If you want to come north up 93 about 35 miles I'll give you free reign in my shack with a hex beam and a linear
  3. Field Day

    It was my first field day and decided to set up on the ridge behind my home in Rangeley, Maine. We had a 7000 watt generator for power. Darkgriffin is in the background working the vertical antenna; Chuck and I are on the Hexbeam.
  4. Antenna dual band swr.

    I have a Comet analyzer that will do 70cm..I'm in Danvers if you want to swing by we can check it out jim
  5. Post pics of your Shack here!

    Bob you are right and I count my blessings! But you were instrumental in assisting me getting my ticket and that resulted in my wife getting the bug too....so thanks buddy!
  6. Post pics of your Shack here!

    Finally got it all together for my lake home (to operate portable this summer)..I found a Yeasu FT-840 and an Ameritron tuner and an ICOM IC-2KL solid state Linear Amplifier...all from craigslist. The XYL let me set it up by the front windows so I can have a relaxing view while trying to work...
  7. Near-Fest XIV: Oct. 11 & 12

    I did and she said thanks! but....she is really ticked off.....she took and passed her Tech on Sept 28 at the North Shore Radio Association in Danvers. Her paperwork was submitted but the gov't shutdown stopped her from getting her call. Now she has passed her General class test and still can't...
  8. Near-Fest XIV: Oct. 11 & 12

    My wife came home with her General ticket[wink]
  9. Near-Fest XIV: Oct. 11 & 12

    myself and XYL are IN She will be (hopefully, her tech test is this Sat) taking General exam and I will be taking the Extra. We need more radios too.
  10. 2 Meter SSB Emergency Test

    I think 40 would work; I'm in after deer season.
  11. Mfgr and demo day at HRO Salem NH Saturday

    I was pretty surprised myself that I came home with my 500.00 still in my pocket BUT N1LHP called me on 440 last night and he had a Motorola GM300 for me for 30 bucks; so I now have a 50w 440 radio in my car (I installed it today) I tried it and solidly hit the N Andover 440 repeater from...
  12. Mfgr and demo day at HRO Salem NH Saturday

    I am going early..anyone gonna join me? Starts at 10am. http://http://www.hamradio.com/locations.cfm?storeid=9
  13. Passed Tech/General today

    Congrats and welcome to the fun!
  14. Patriotic Special Event: 13 Colonies

    This is all YOUR fault[wink]
  15. Patriotic Special Event: 13 Colonies

    The whole family is involved at this point; did you see my 4 year old daughter on FB working 20m?
  16. Patriotic Special Event: 13 Colonies

    Just broke the old record with a 5 x 9 QSO with YW2LV in Caracas Venezuela at a distance of 5472 miles from my camp in Maine
  17. Patriotic Special Event: 13 Colonies

    UTC= universal coordinated time formerly known as GMT or the time in Greenwich England 0 deg meridian Report=signal report ie 59 mode=ssb,am,fm,cw
  18. Patriotic Special Event: 13 Colonies

    I was lucky enough to make a QSO with WM3PEN on thurs. I also made my furthest DX QSO last night to Lithuania (over 4000 miles). All from a cheesy G5RV junior strung up between two pine trees at my camp in Maine. And on 100 watts (prolly closer to 75 after antenna mismatch factored in)
  19. I passed my General exam today

    Great! A whole new world just opened up for you.....
  20. NES Net

    That would be about 103 feet long[laugh]
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