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  1. WTB 22 Hornet Brass

    Please let me know what you have for sale or trade.
  2. WTS Kimber Solo w/Laser Grips

    Kimber Solo. Box Docs 2 Mags CT Laser Grips $950 FTF Southeastern MA. ALL Laws Followed Goose Rules Apply
  3. Cast Hollow Points

    I recently picked up a new MP 160 grain HP mould (170 solid) to mess around with some expansion tests. I cast these from an alloy consisting lead, maybe 2% tin and maybe a little antimony snuck in there. It was softer alloy than I thought I had originally. I showed up at @1919FAN ’s house and...
  4. WTB 45 ACP Dies

    Looking for 45 ACP dies. Let me know what you have please. Thank you
  5. WTB 45 Colt Dies

    WTB 45 Colt Carbide die set or just a 45 colt carbide sizing die. I have the rest of the set. thanks!
  6. 2021 NES Bullet Casting Seminar Feeler?

    Should we start planing one for this year? I figure if the interest is there and we start early maybe we can have one in the spring before it gets too hot. Or we wait till the fall like we usually do? I think 2020/2021 has been a big wakeup call for shooters/reloaders to be more self...
  7. First radio suggestions??

    Hi guys, A couple buddies and I are studying for our Technicians license. We are looking for a suggestion on a good basic handheld that will always be useful. Kind of like that single stage press that you would always keep for certain tasks no matter how many Dillons you keep buying I know a...
  8. WTS Kahr PM9 With CT Laser

    Pistol with box and paperwork. 1 magazine. CT trigger guard laser. FTF Cash Southeastern MA. $599 Goose Rules Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your...
  9. WTS SA 1911 V10 Ultra Compact

    SA V10 Ultra Compact Some handling marks but overall very good condition. Ambi Safety What appears to be big dot sight upgrade Magwell Last owner said Greg Derr did a trigger job. 1 magazine. Wilson combat grips. FTF Southeastern MA. $1425 Goose Rules Statement of Legal compliance: I will...
  10. New Primer Tube Filler

    This looks pretty nice and the price is very attractive. Frankford Arsenal has one a few years back but it was a piece of junk. They even sent me a replacement thinking it might be a lemon but they were wrong they all sucked. This one however looks really nice. View: https://youtu.be/6yREPMnysNw
  11. Corn cob media on CL

    I am not associated with this seller or site I just thought it seemed like a good deal. https://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/mat/d/methuen-corn-cob-media/7228561863.html
  12. WTS 1911 Grips/Kimber Solo CT Laser Grips

    FTF in Southeastern MA or buyer pays shipping. CASH Or PayPal Wilson Combat 1911 Grips 1) $40 Cocobolo FS double diamond 2) $40 Cocobolo FS full checkering 3) $40 G10 FS S Wave 4) $35 G10 compact Crimson Trace laser grips for Kimber Solo $199
  13. Bullet casting seminar Karma!

    @peterk123 had a last minute obligation and cannot make it to the seminar. he wanted to use his payment to give a free rife to another member interested in going. You know how it works. Post in and I’ll draw a winner tomorrow. thank you Peter!
  14. Any Goose Hunters?

    Just started this year. My buddy does all the calling so I haven’t bothered to practice. We’ve had some good days for sure. I have to say that I think stocking the freezer with goose is going to be awesome. I really like how this stuff cooks up. Braised down some leg/thigh tonight and it was...
  15. SOLD AR Carry Handle

    Looking for a nice carry handle. Not a chinesium. Let me know what you have! Thank you p
  16. Early goose southeastern MA

    Anyone know of any decent public spots? I want to try to goose this year but don’t have any buddies that hunt goose or any leads on land. Thanks!
  17. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    It’s time for hot lead again!! This is the perfect time to learn to cast bullets. Don’t rely on the local shop and don’t wait weeks and weeks for your bullet order to show. This is a great way to spend less on your bullets and more on your primers and powder. You won’t save money but you’ll...
  18. SOLD Found delete

    Names says it all. Looking for a complete dissipator upper in 5.56. A2 front sight. Carry handle.
  19. Scup from shore near New Bedford ?

    Anyone have any good hot spots? I like to take the kids and of course they have more fun when they can catch fish. Mattapoisett wharf has been ok but really it’s hit or miss. I know it’s kind of shallow there and there has to be better spots locally. Thanks in advance!
  20. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    So it begins.
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