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  1. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I just added it to my ad in accessories section if anyone wants it
  2. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I found an unopened spam can of ammo in a relative's storage area. I tried to decipher the faded markings and the best I could come up with was it was Bulgarian..unknown caliber but 7,62 something. I wanted to keep it sealed for a potential buyer but how could I sell it if I don't know what it...
  3. Ammunition Collectors?

    I'm in the same boat; been scrounging ammo for over 30 years. I have put aside a couple of cases of various antique ammo I've come across that I would never shoot. Been trying to figure a way to convert this old ammo to new ammo...maybe gunbroker could give you an idea of going prices...
  4. Any info on Peruvian or Malaysian surplus .308 ammo?

    I've shot at least 20K rounds of 70's production Malaysian red tipped tracer with no problems (other than setting the woods on fire everytime we shoot it). That is my only experience with Malaysian ammo and I have never shot Peruvian to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Ammo "deal"

    Did he reply?
  6. Ammo "deal"

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on that point....too high for reloads (at least for me and I think you too) I don't see a bargain here (especially on a 10K dollar order)
  7. Ammo "deal"

    I'll play devil's advocate.....those of us that have bought .223 by the pallet remember a company that made decent quality reloaded ammunition called Maine Cartridge Co..they were in Greenbush which is just slightly south of Lincoln, ME...maybe they have gone back in business? The price/rd in...
  8. 9MM Largo in Mass?

    PM sent
  9. 9mm Largo availability?

    sorry 'bout that. I know Anthony lives in NH so I didn't think there would be an issue with posting the info. Ps I can vouch for Beansie too, he's one of the good guys
  10. 9mm Largo availability?

    9mm Largo ammo Anthony, see my pal XXXXXXX 150/case of 1000 + shipping CHEAP!
  11. The new, long-awaited 22 cal. . . .

    I don't think I've ever photographed it, but it has happened on more than one occasion. I bought the stock at a gun show in the early 90's; the wire stock used to scare me that it would collapse and I (or one of my shooting buds) would have wild-assed M11/9 throwing lead around at 1000 rpm...
  12. The new, long-awaited 22 cal. . . .

    Well, that is interesting. I must admit, ahem, that I may know of such things through *personal* experience LOL! Actually, my M11/9 TELLS me when it is time to clean the chamber by doing that to my 9mm brass. I spoke with Gordon Ingram at Knob Creek and he verified that a dirty chamber...
  13. The new, long-awaited 22 cal. . . .

    Looks more like an out of battery situation. May be time to clean the chamber.............
  14. can opener?

    Never heard back, its coming out of the car and back on my reloading bench.[thinking]
  15. can opener?

    I've got one; PM me with contact info and we'll meet up
  16. Best source for 9mm cartridges with lead bullet?

    I am a member of Pelham too; you are correct, any caliber is ok but the projectiles must be lead only. I reload lead 9mm for my wife and I to shoot in there. If he is near Lawrence give Rob a shout at Gun and Sport North (978) 689-2722: they used to carry RNL reloads..perhaps he can pick up a...
  17. .223 / 5.56m Ammo Thread - Knowledge needed

    Right you are! I stocked up on south african .223 when it was 199.00 per case of 2700 rds (the brown tubs hold 9 sealed battle packs of 300 ea) caught alot of abuse from my friends for 'wasting my money'. The sad truth is that there is no 'cheap' .223 around anymore. I would buy smaller...
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