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  1. Crossbow for yotes?

    Anyone have a clue on whether or not it's legal to use a crossbow on yotes in Mass? Asking for a friend who owns one but no guns.
  2. Open House at Granby Bow and Gun Club

    This Saturday from 10 to 4 Granby Bow and Gun Club will be having an open house. There will be a raffle for two guns, a 50 50, free door prizes free hotdog and beverage. Sign up now for next year and the rest of this year is free. We have roughly 400 yards and are expanding, concrete shooting...
  3. WTS Miranda lambert Justin Moore this Saturday

    I bought my old lady tickets to Justin Moore and Miranda lambert at the xfinity theatre in Hartford for her birthday, something came up and we can't go, these are pit 2 tickets center of the stage as good as it gets. Paid over 150 looking to get 125. These tickets are for august 30th. Would...
  4. Cat fishing tips needed.

    All of my fishing experience is bass fishing, and my old lady's cousins want me to enter a catfish derby next month. They are good at it but id like to be able to bring something to the table. Let me here some techniques and tricks. Thanks in advance.
  5. Any recommendations for a long draw compound bow

    I want to get back into archery and have a 31.5" draw length. Looking at suggestions for a bow. Leaning towards the Mathews MR8.
  6. Scary moment a the range.

    This past Sunday I was teaching my cousins girlfriend to shoot a shotgun in preparation for her first round of skeet. I had five shells left over from a five stand cours I ran this summer. Loaded one let her shoot, she handled that great so loaded three, again excellent. Dropped the last one in...
  7. burris speedbead

    I just picked up a benelli m2 and plan to use it as an all around shotgun. My BPS deer/turkey gun has a red dot on it and I like it for that application, and would like it for the informal 3 gun shoots I do. However I also plan on using this gun for clays as well and not sure how it would fare...
  8. canadian candle

    Tried out a new form of cooking in the woods last weekend. Its called a Canadian candle. Basically you split a three footish length of log into four pieces ties the bottom together with vines, cordage, zip ties whatever is in hand, pile some rocks around the base to make it sturdy. Stuff some...
  9. WTS /WTT Garret Ace 350 metal detector

    I received this Garret Ace 350 metal detector as a gift last Christmas. I put it together used it for about twenty minutes and realised its not really my thing. All accessories are unopened and unit itself is like new. These sell for $300 new, asking $225 or $200 for green members. Ideally a...
  10. Anyone ever see this hapoen to a shotshell?

    These are factory loads, not reloads mind you. The first time it hapoened , it was somewhere around 6-8 rounds out of a box, and 5 other boxes were shot out of the same gun that day flawlessly. The following Sunday it happened 4 times out of a box and two other boxes were shot that day...
  11. school me on blackpowder rifles

    I'm looking at getting a black powder rifle for deer season, and maybe bear season. What should I look for, what should I avoid? Any help, comments, suggestions etc appreciated, thanks in advance.
  12. browning gold failure to feed

    I picked up a browning gold sporting clays gun in great shape. Its a great gun except it jams a lot. It slams the cartridge into the side of the barrel. Sometimes i can shoot two rounds of skeet no problem, other times it has this problem five times in a single round. The average seems to be one...
  13. Homemade file knife

    Even before I was interested in firearms I was interested in knives, and I don't have the skills or tools needed to make an an from a shovel a LA Boris, so I figured I'd give making a knife out of a file a try. After some research I learned that Nicholson files are the best choice for this...
  14. consistently inconsistent

    I've probably shot around 20 rounds of skeet now and I have a weird pattern going on the last five or so rounds I'll break 18 or 19 then the next round will be 12 or 13 then back to 18 back to 12. I don't think im doing anything different I just feel on them one round then not on them the next...
  15. kicking myself

    Finally took a hunter safety course last month. Well after a few trips for turkey this past week I'm really kicking myself for not doing it much earlier. I'm definitely hooked.
  16. SIG SB 15

    Looks pretty neat how long for the ATF to change their mind though?SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace
  17. open carry of a rifle while hiking

    A friend of my girlfriends asked me about open carrying a .22 rifle while on a week long hiking trip in MA. Is this going to pose a problem for him? I can,t find the right mgl to cite as a yes or no. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Remington 1100 charging handle

    I was shooting a round of skeet the other day and the charging handle on my 1100 flew of never to be seen again. I was wondering if anyone knew of a local source for these. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  19. Bushnell TRS 25

    Was wondering if anyone has any experience with a Bushnell TRS 25 optic, especially on an AR. If so any recommendations for a mount. Thanks....
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