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  1. Varmint hunting at it's finest "Graphic"

    This will keep you busy for awhile...I always enjoy "When Pigs Fly" http://rmvh.com/Scenes.htm
  2. New Training Video

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this video RARE - LASD Pistol Team Exhibition, Historic, 1936, Color enhanced - YouTube
  3. Guntucky, show on CMT

    One word awful
  4. "Steady Arm" Device - How Is This Legal ????

    Thanks but unfortunately it is a post sample
  5. "Steady Arm" Device - How Is This Legal ????

    I have a stock for my Glock 18; it securely attaches to the gun itself. Since it is already a MG I don't have to register it as a SBR. My buddy Dennis Foutch used my picture in his advertising (the pic was taken on the line at Knob Creek)
  6. 45 grease gun

    Never in the military but I bought one last year. It's a real hoot to shoot.
  7. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    This is a silly discussion; we should be concentrating on keeping our remaining civil rights intact. I think I'l channel my energy and write a letter to my representative instead of discussing this any further.
  8. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    Is the academy run by the SD or is it the local police academy? I always assumed they were trained "in-house".
  9. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    Thats interesting; I never knew that.
  10. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    I have met a couple of people who are "deputies" because the Sheriff gave them a badge or they made a contribution toward his election. One guy owned a candy store and the other guy was a real estate attorney. After a couple of questions I figured out they were posers....this makes anyone with...
  11. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    My point is that they'll call the local pd or the state police...no sheriff will be responding. Let it go will ya...you're tilting at windmills. The Sheriff's depts are corrections officers in MA...nothing to be ashamed of..I think it is an honorable and needed job....but they're not cops (in...
  12. Sheriffs' in MA "DO" have the power

    Next time you see a crime in progress call your county sheriff's office and report it. Let me know how it works out for ya....
  13. Mass. 2013 2A State House Demonstration, ATTENDEES post here

    Proud to have been a part of it. Ended up spotting a few friends and we all had a great time.
  14. Ideas for making a gun a bit more feminine for a xmas gift?

    A couple of years ago my wife requested an uzi for Christmas....so I added the foreward grip to make it easier to shoot; thats about as girly as she wanted it to be.
  15. WW2 weapon turned in during gun buy-back program in CT

    If it wasn't papered before May 19, 1986 it is good only for parts and the receiver must be destroyed; it can only go to a PD or a museum left intact.
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