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  1. Ban on manufacturing "assault guns" in Massachusetts

    ok Lets tell the local breweries they cant sell their product out of state; after all oui doesn't stop at state borders
  2. Recommendations for a good car mechanic?

    CLM Auto on the cambridge/somerville line
  3. Kansas Firearms Company Unveils 9mm “Smart Gun”

    god forbid you need to use it and your phone doesn't get the verification text
  4. Gun Club closure megathread

    this is BS I cant shoot during the day and by the time i get back home from work and take some time to unwind its too late to go i specifically chose them since they were close and had 24/7 range
  5. Leaving your firearm in your MV.

    My set up; it is also used for storage of radio and dash cam when i take the doors off
  6. Never felt undergunned, until now........

    id go with this
  7. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    as always its the local PD that can choose to drag their feet if they wish
  8. From the Waltham Police Deptartment

    most likely a split state gets $80 town gets $20 which is why they drag their ass
  9. Looking for 24 guys with 1K to buy a range

    I’d be interested!
  10. Somerville under new state of emergancy!! - Racism

    hey at least they are a green town
  11. MA shut down well into June???.....Wife’s work says so.

    i saw a lady getting her hair done on her back porch so that is true
  12. MA shut down well into June???.....Wife’s work says so.

    I work at one of the hospitals in boston and listen to the daily teams meetings, the numbers were high but not "holy crap we cant handle it" high. they are starting to open up other aeras of the hospital again and research labs can come back as early as june 1st
  13. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    stores and ranges are part of phase one https://www.mass.gov/info-details/reopening-when-can-my-business-reopen
  14. Northeast Arms - Route 1 South in Peabody

    I was having an issue with the gas block on my ar upper. Ended up being a bad gas block. Steve took care of it in an hour when I was expecting to leave it there for a few days very cool place and excellent work
  15. Gun Stores Can Open

    i witnessed a couple today talking about her AR build as well as what she needed to start reloading i need to find a lady like that [rofl]
  16. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    I know right, people flipping out like this is permanent, for all we know baker could open things up full go next month. would people rather have gone almost 2 months with out gun shops? or work with what we got now
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