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  1. Will Smith "Gun Safety" Real or Fake??

    That said, the guy was losing everyone with the pistol so....
  2. RI Ball busting

    What a pain in the nits that is. Didn’t some ass do this on purpose on YouTube or something?
  3. I want to throw my new Baofeng into traffic!

    I am a complete novice here and will add, my Baofungs do most of what I want them to do. I can monitor NOAA, i can use it as a back up Marine radio, and the distance it does transmit works good for me. Admittedly, I could use a class on how to get onto a repeater in Wilbraham. I like to...
  4. Army Given Gun Confiscation Questionnaire

    I guess my question here is...did this really happen. Were troops given a questionnaire, I have never been given such a questionnaire in many years in uniform, and we have many past and present military members, has anybody other than this one vet seen such a questionnaire? Like most here...
  5. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Isn’t the banning of all modern sporting rifles on the table here with no grandfathering in? I have no problem with VA doing what they are doing. Seems like a blue print for the left and people all across the country are watching this. I have no problem with this.
  6. Garand or SKS?

    Joining late but if you have to ask, you don’t understand a Garand.
  7. Granny Warren doesn't like being called a liar?

    Bernie should go Independent...it would work out so much better.
  8. Impeachment woes for the Dems

    Even more so now with the “trial” moving to the senate. That means klobishar, Sanders, Warren are all in hearings. Be funny if they bring in Biden as well. If cocaine Mitch decides to slow roll this, it might take 3 or 4 off the campaign trail for at least a month...maybe two. That would...
  9. I underestimated the awesomeness of salad

    If your out in Springfield area, just outside the Casino area, is Red Rose Pizza. Great Italian food and a good salad as well.
  10. Terrorists prefer attacking “unarmed crowds”: According to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety

    Is this a surprise to anyone? The whole idea behind terrorism is to instill the maximum amount of terror. The terrorist getting killed at the onset does not instill terror.
  11. Boston Red Sox 2020

    His “Holier than thou” attitude and he his not going was about him thinking with conviction.
  12. Boston Red Sox 2020

    So, isn’t it kind of poetic justice that Cora did not want to visit the White House due to his misconception about Trump’s lack of support for PR and then he gets bounced for cheating.
  13. NRA Handing out 30-Round Magazines in VA to fight Northam gun ban

    Agreed. Leadership is a joke.
  14. PSA: Don't Use Toothpaste As A Substitute For Personal Lubricant

    Uhm, he can’t. He was using while waxing his dolphin.
  15. Iran put out $80m hit on the president

    I seem to recall a cadence in the Army stating Napalm sticks to kids but I do not recall. To your point, it would be hilarious if the US launched a hellfire with no warhead, just a concrete tip and literally hit the ayatollah with it during a speech. That would be interesting if it had...
  16. Iran put out $80m hit on the president

    Send Iran the bill for clipping the General and tell the ayatollah we can get him for far less that $80M. A hellfire is about $115k so theoretically we could bomb the top 695 people in Iran and still have some money left over for a coffee....and that is not counting 2fers.
  17. Four way flashers on while it's snowing...WTF???

    This...if I am moving along and I see cars stopped ahead of me I will turn my hazards on for a few seconds to let those behind me know something is up.
  18. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    I mean there are very few people wealthier than Steve Jobs and it kicked his ass post haste.
  19. Appeals court lifts block on $3.6 billion for Trump border wall plan

    Well, that’s awesome. More winning. Did the judge in Hawaii rule the 5th Circuit is unConstitutional yet?
  20. Leaving Iraq

    Please remove as much as possible. I don’t care the cost. If we lent them guns, and Hummers, get them back.
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