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  1. Need help! Glock 19

    For handguns there’s no criminal laws. It’s a consumer retail regulation. So sale is prohibited by FFL, but trade exchange gift or private sale is not. I figure a replacement wouldn’t constitute a retail sale so it has no bearing on the MA approved handgun rules.
  2. Looking for good high power to low noise rifle

    Isn’t that 38 special? In MA even arrows are regulated, but air rifles are completely unregulated except for age restriction. So I’d vote for an air rifle.
  3. Man accidentally shoots gun in showroom of northern KY gun range; no charges filed

    It’s the being an idiot part that matters. It’s just luck that no one was hurt. What’s the difference between the vandalism on the table and floor or murder? Blind luck. No forgiveness for being an idiot. But I am probably in the minority in believing that being an idiot is one of the worst...
  4. Cops Open Fire on Pickup Truck Full of Children, Shooting 3 of Them, One in the Head

    Pretty sure that most cops don’t remember anything about gun safety. For cops the gun is a seldom used tool sitting on their tool belt. When they do pull it out they barely know how to use it.
  5. Cleveland man faces federal weapons charges for Glock modified into machine gun

    Guns are pretty simple machines. Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to fully understand them or swap out parts. I know some 6 year olds who can put together LEGO sets that are 1,000 times more complex than any gun(particularly modern guns which have tight tolerances and interchangeable parts like a...
  6. Man accidentally shoots gun in showroom of northern KY gun range; no charges filed

    As they should be. It’s like not giving someone a ticket when they get into an accident that is clearly their fault. There should be severe consequences for being an idiot. Why was he playing with a loaded weapon in public anyways? Also believe if you are in an at fault fatal accident you...
  7. 80% lower

    We need a case to challenge in court. The more people that ignore her random edict the better chance we have of a prosecution and a day in court.
  8. Support Jay McMahon for Massachusetts Attorney General

    I am voting for Jay McMahon tomorrow!
  9. Looking for someone to build a shed in Worcester

    I’m pretty sure Home Depot sells sheds and if you want to pay extra to have them put together for you they offer that as well. Sheds USA Installed Val-U Shed 8 ft. x 8 ft. Smart Siding Shed-VS0808V - The Home Depot They’re a little more expensive on materials than a custom built shed, but...
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