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  1. P08's

    Every MilSurp collection needs a Luger. 1917 Erfurt, marked to the Machine Gun Company of the 122nd Wurttemburg Landwehr, Weapon #4. Original spare Erfurt marked magazine. The 122nd, although reserves, fought throughout the entire war and were in most of the major battles of the Western Front...
  2. Looking for .32acp

    Looking for .32acp....prefer PPU and Fiochhi, but it doesn't really matter. Have 100 rounds of Swedish Mauser I don't need, as well as some .357. and .38 short for trading. t
  3. CMP 1911s not selling to MA in 2021

    Any further word on the changes to the MA C&R law affecting shipping to MA by CMP? t
  4. Ratty T53 stock

    Time to play bang-bang and sweat out the extra oil. t
  5. What do I have?

    Not sure how much the wrong stock would hurt the Krag...$300? t
  6. What do I have?

    IIRC, serial number 168,000 for a M98 Krag marks the split between 1898 and 1899. It does sit in a 1902 stock though. In any case, it still is an antique in MA. t
  7. Ratty T53 stock

    Try a bristle brush...like a dish brush. t
  8. Ratty T53 stock

    Used to get it at WalMart or Stop and Shop. t
  9. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    Full 50 feet this time; still good for a 3” barrel. Think it’s my trigger action making me drift up and right. New magazine worked fine. Winchester target ammo left, carry ammo right. t
  10. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    Had it in my pocket during today's errands. Got another custom bumper sticker for the 37 shaped as a warning triangle...trying to be both funny and serious. t
  11. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    Nothing like a correct magazine. t
  12. Ratty T53 stock

    Nothing wrong with Dawn/Palmolive and hot water in the kitchen sink. That's how I normally start. Evaluate from there. t
  13. Another 1942 SMLE Dispersal rifle save

    Hope that's not the kitchen table. t
  14. Ratty T53 stock

    I used mineral spirits on the Mosin stock last month...came out well. t
  15. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    I need to get a correct magazine for it; this is a M26. Functioned perfectly nonetheless. t
  16. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    30. PPU left, Buffalo bore carry right. Snow on the ground. t
  17. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    Damn. Going to get a lot of carry time. t
  18. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    1918 M13 Sauer 32 with the WWI Imperial proof. Transfered from one NES member to another. t
  19. And the Complimentary Thread; "My Last Pistol"

    As luck would have it, after six months, I chanced upon my last pistol. Imperial proofed M13 Sauer, serial 81393. The highest Imperial proofed Sauer is 92,907, so we're talking early 1918. Based on the excellent condition it probably came home with a Doughboy. I had passed on a dozen over the...
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