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  1. Flint Armament - Fall River, MA

    Freetown closed a while back. Fall River will close it's doors forever today.
  2. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    I've been in contact with someone already so I should be good. Thanks everyone for stepping up and offering to help!
  3. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    I've received the error on my Kindle, Windows Vista, and Windows 8. Dont have a Mac.
  4. Need Favor: Paper FA-10

    Hey all, I need a favor. Does someone have a paper FA-10 form they can mail/scan and email me? I have been trying to use the mass.gov website to do a E-FA10 for a LONG time now and every time I get an error and am told to email the administrator. Well surprise surprise no one actually answers...
  5. N.E.S. Classifieds - some nice stuff

    ****ing brats. Always ruining it for everyone else.
  6. N.E.S. Classifieds - some nice stuff

    It's called Supply and Demand. If you have a problem with it, call Martha.
  7. Home School Q&A

    I'd attend that
  8. Bellyband holsters

    I have this. It showed up in the mail about a week ago, I've been waiting since May. I want to get some more experience with it before I write a full out review but so far I am very impressed. It is not the be all say all to every CCW problem but it is definitely a good option in my opinion. I...
  9. S&W Shield recall?

    Mine's cool.
  10. S&W Shield recall?

    I love Remington UMC Target. The nickle-plated stuff. Its worked great in all my pistols.
  11. S&W Shield recall?

    YO [offtopic] We all know Glocks are cool but I want to know about a possible recall on the S&W Shield. Please update me on that.
  12. Permanently altering mags

    Things just got real!
  13. New Acquisitions for April 2013

    Picked this up at Reedy's Archery on Sunday during their Grand Opening of their new location. That place and their staff is top notch! Even though they were crazy busy for the Grand Opening I was still given service as if I was the most important person in the store. Can't say enough good things!
  14. Muster on Lexington Battle Green

    I can send you a PDF copy of the flyer if you PM me your email address.
  15. Muster on Lexington Battle Green

    I handed a flyer to my Camfour driver today (he had not heard of the rally prior to me mentioning it today) but he happens to have the day off so he said he plans to attend with hopefully some friends. Any gun shows coming up this weekend? That would be a good place to put flyers.
  16. Source for tri-corner hat?

    These hats are pretty awesome! I like the authentic look much better over the standard costume style hats. Do you have any idea about how much he charges for these hats?
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